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sick sick sick

The new Queens of the Stone Age album is awesome. Of course.

My favorite song thus far is Sick, Sick, Sick.

The video is…….sick, sick sick. But so good.

I love this band. Full review of the album later this week.

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Phantom Planet – Big Brat

This song rocks on its own accord. But zombies, man! ZOMBIES!

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Through Ilyka Damen, I found a post over at Pandagon in which they were looking for bad covers of good pop songs. Don’t know if this qualifies (many will argue about the original being either good or a pop song), but it is absolutely the worst cover of a rock song ever by an unknown band. So bad, in a trainwreck kind of way. So bad that you will watch it over and over again and later on think, that just might be the greatest bad thing I have ever seen.

You just can’t turn away, can you?

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the best songs you never heard, volume 1

When Todd moved here from California he brought with him an enormous CD collection. There were a whole lot of bands in those boxes I never heard of. So I started listening to them. And found some quality music. Which I’m going to share with you. In short sentences, apparently.

I’ll probably do this a couple of times a week. Even when I run out of CDs from Todd’s collection, there are a ton of new (to me) bands I found when researching these bands, or through various other places on the intertubes (like the Aurgasmic column at FTTW).

Today’s choices:


They call themselves the scariest band in the world.

Imagine, if you will, a bunch of hillbillies drunk on moonshine and looking for trouble. Now imagine they have a band. With two bass players. If “Squidbillies” had a soundtrack, it would be made by this band. They call it psychobilly or voodbilly. I call it kick ass.

Try this: Dad, Why Did My Friends Explode

Conducter – Live and obviously wasted

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