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happy birthday, turtle

a bird, a turtle and loveToday is Todd’s birthday. This photo may not mean anything to you, but he knows what it means.

You know how teenage girls will sometimes make a list of all the things they want in their “perfect” man? Yes, they really do that. And I did that when I was about 13 or so. I narrowed down my list of perfection to about 20 attributes, which included physical traits like blond hair and blue eyes, important things like he must play bass and have at least one tattoo, and intangibles like good sense of humor, smart and fun. Then I threw away my list, assured by older peers that the perfect guy just does not exist.

But he does. And I have him. Well, he’s perfect for me, which is all that matters. That we found each other is, I believe, an act of fate and I never take for granted the fact that I was fortunate enough to end up with the guy who absolutely completes me, cheesy as that may be.

Todd is, simply, the greatest guy in the world and he deserves everything he wishes for on his birthday. Not that he’s going to get a shotgun, an armored tank and a small country named after him, but he does deserve those things. And how can you not love a guy who, when he realizes he’s not going to get his own country and militia for his birthday, says he’ll settle for a pocket fisherman and a Snuggie?

Happy birthday, turtle*. I love you. You rule.

*I may or may not explain that nickname some day

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another holiday done

todd top spin

Todd on the Top Spin at Coney Island. I have a ton more pictures which I’ll get around to uploading tomorrow, along with the saga of getting to Coney Island.

Hope your 4th has been happy and pain-free.

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