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I did finish Harry Potter but I don’t feel like writing a whole review of it. For a real in depth review, see here.

I was mostly satisfied with the way things turned out. I’m not sad to see the stories end; I think it ran its course and adding any more chapters to it would have been unnecessary. However, I do think the epilogue was cheesy and trite. I don’t like that she wrapped everything up in such a neat little package. I would have preferred to been left wondering what happened to everyone than to have it laid out for me in what seemed like a hokey and forced manner.

Oh, and one of the predictions I made at the end of the previous book was right! I won’t discuss it in full though, because I know some of you have not finished reading it yet.

Now that that’s over, I started in on JPod by Douglas Coupland. Enjoying it so far, which is not a surprise, as I’ve enjoyed all his books.

I also finished Neil Gaiman’s Stardust (for the third or fourth time, I lost count), and I’m looking forward to the movie version.

My son is reading A Separate Peace (required, not by choice). His other choice was Jack London’s White Fang and I had this conversation with a bitchy little woman in the bookstore regarding my choice:

Her: What are you looking for?
Me (rattling off the summer reading list): Annie, A Separate Peace, White Fang…
Her: Boy or girl? What grade?
Me: Ninth grade boy/
Her (all haughty): Forget Annie. That’s for girls.
Me: Ok…then I’ll get A Separate Peace.
Her (rolling eyes): Please. Every boy wants to read Jack London.
Me: Not my boy.
Her: I’ll have you know White Fang is what got me reading. It made me what I am today.
Me (to myself, not out loud): An obnoxious book store clerk?
Me: (out loud): I think he’d rather read A Separate Peace.
Her: Then you don’t know your son so well. Boys want Jack London.
Me: Jack London is boring.
Her: What?? (she looks at me with such utter disdain I almost laugh. I notice she looks like a disgruntled weasel)
Me: I’ll get the other book myself, thanks.

She follows me to where there is a display of summer reading books. She picks up A Separate Peace before I can.

Her: Is your son a reader?
Me: Not so much.
Her: Then he’ll hate this.
Me: Trust me, he’ll hate Jack London more.
Her: But this takes place during WWII, I don’t think he’ll….
Me: Great. I’ll take it. He loves WWII.
Her: But….it’s not about the war….he’d much rather read White Fang….Jack London….
Me: Thanks for your help.
Her: Whatever.

And she slams the copy of White Fang down on the table and walks away.

My son better damn well LOVE A Separate Peace just so I can go back to the bookstore and shove it in that weasel’s face.

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