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Do. Not. Want.

Remember back in the day on ASV when I would spend a lot of time hating on Roger Clemens? And remember when I said if he came back to the Yankees I would disown them? Well, here’s what I wrote on the FTTW blog when that disaster came to light.

Roger Clemens.

I know you’ve been wondering. I’ve mentioned several times over the past year that if the Yankees took Clemens back, I was turning in my Yankee fan badge.

I am a woman of my word.

I turned in my badge.

The guy is getting about $9,000 a pitch. He’s ancient in baseball years. I’m tired of the Yankees throwing gazillions of dollars at players for a “here and now” solution and not putting money into building a team that will be good for years to come.

I’m tired of Roger Clemens’s face and attitude. I’m tired of the Yankees “let’s buy a championship” way of doing things.

In fact, I’m tired of baseball in general. Tired of billionaire prima donnas and games that last 50 hours because of ads and “this attempted pick off brought to you by Budweiser”.

I never liked A-Rod. I never liked Clemens. I can’t sit here and root for a team that is a mockery of the class act the Yankees used to be.

You know what sucks? Clemens will retire and go into the Hall of Fame wearing a Yankee cap.

Fuck that. Fuck him. Fuck the Yankees and fuck baseball. I’m done with you. I have better
ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than falling asleep between pitches.

How many days til football season?

I titled this one:
This pretty much says it all for this season
that pretty much says it all for this season

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