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We narrowed it down to a few; but both the kids are out of town for the weekend and Todd and I can’t decide. So it’s up to you. Vote, vote and vote. We’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

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You know that we have been working hard on our Halloween window display. We keep referring to it as Spookytown, because that’s the product name for all the stuff we have been buying.


We don’t like calling it Spookytown. We want a name of our own. Something that says “Michele and Todd put this together.” Something less cartoony than Spookytown. Something…..good.

That’s where you come in. That’s right, this is a NAME THAT HALLOWEEN DISPLAY contest.

The display can be seen here in all its glory.

There are various angles and shots and whatnot so you can get a real feel for it. There’s also a shaky video of it here.

We do have a glorious prize for whoever comes up with the name we use. If you look at the display, you’ll see our Lake O’ Death. In that Lake O’ Death is a half-drowned school bus with an arm sticking out of the back window. That’s right. You win the school bus fresh from our display. When Halloween’s over, of course. Just imagine. For naming our little creepy village, you get to have a piece of it!! Does it get much better than that?


The entries will be judged by Todd, myself and my kids. Winner will be announced in a couple of days.

Leave your name suggestions here in the comments. You may enter as many times as you want. We’ll leave this open a day or two.

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spookytown – the video

The daughter took this last night after we got everything lit up. The noise? Yes, it makes all that noise. Bear with the video, not the greatest quality all the way through but she did a good enough job with it that you can pretty much get the essence of the whole thing.

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last house on the left

last house on the left

Today we bought the last piece of Spookytown. We just finished landscaping it and now, our Spookytown is done.

Tomorrow I’ll take a couple of pictures so you can get a feel of what the whole thing looks like finished. I don’t have a wide angle lens, so I’ll probably take a few pics and stitch them together. We’ll also be uploading a video of the town in action – all the lights and noises going. It’s pretty neat. Or rad, as Todd says.

When we put the video up, we’ll also be having a contest of sorts to go along with it. So stay tuned.

We’re kind of sad it’s done. Makes me start thinking about Christmas town……

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won’t you take me to…spookytown

we'll leave the light on

We bought more Spookytown stuff tonight. We are officially addicted. And officially ready for for Halloween.

More pictures here. Our setup is gonna be sweet.

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