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300 bands, 300 songs 76-80, earplug edition

You can now see a plain text list of the songs so far here.

76. Clutch – Shogun Named Marcus
Do you have any idea how hard this was? So many albums to choose from, so many good songs. I spent ALL day thinking about this! And let me tell you, if you never heard of Clutch, go immediately to your illegal downloading program and steal it from someone, or go to Youtube and watch some videos without all the Lars-inspired guilt. I always describe them as early Black Sabbath meets Frank Zappa. How can that be wrong.

So it came down to Promoter and Shogun Named Marcus. I had to go with the song that started my love for this band, the one that I once drove for two hours playing nothing but, the one from which I stole the tagline for my existence (Check it out, I’m like a buzzbomb) and the one makes me visualize ninjas driving a combine.

77. Pantera – Becoming
Mostly for the crazy Dimebag riff. I can’t get enough of that. But also for the sheer power of it. This is the song to have on when you are having this fantasy about being 80 feet tall and walking through a sea of specific people and just crushing them with your giant feet, really stomping on them and squishing down, and then spitting on the mess you left you behind.

78. Slayer – Stain of Mind
Sure, I could have went with any of the classics. But I don’t think there’s a Slayer song that gets me going like this one. The song opens in a frenzy and never lets up. You just clench your teeth and fists as you scream You’ll never feel greater misery/Master of my enemy/Let the purest stain of mind/Wash the virtue from your eyes. Once I had this song on while I was washing the car and my neighbor came over and said “Dude, did someone piss in your Cheerios today? Don’t you have any, you know, Simon and Garfunkel or something?” I knocked him unconscious, branded a pentagram on his chest with a hot needle and left him on the side of the road. Took his wallet, too.

Man, I used to be angry. I just can’t work up that kind of rage anymore. I either got old or got happy.

79. Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast
Ah, British rock and roll heavy with gothic themes and literary references. So…pretentious. Yet, I loved Maiden back in the day. I still listen to them once in a while. I chose this song just because I remember how much fun it was to be driving in a car full of stupid ass kids, drunk and hanging out the window doing the metal sign thing, all trying to sing in that ridiculous falsetto Hell and fire, spawned to be released!

80. Tool – H.
There was a time when I listened to Tool obsessively. They lost something for me along the way. I didn’t get anything out of the last two albums, at least nothing that made me feel the way Opiate, Undertow and Aenima did. Case in point, this song. I love the slow, sludgy sort of way the song builds up, the understated way he sings most of it and then rips it up toward the end. As with most of the earlier songs, it tends to be dark and sometimes a bit eerie and sort of pulls at a place in your gut that you don’t want to visit sometimes (and what kept Prison Sex from being listed here was that it is too dark and pulls you down too much, I really can’t even listen to that song anymore).

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Dance With The Dead In Your Dreams

Happy National Day of Slayer!

Go forth and bang your head. Or draw some pentagrams in your notebook during math class.

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