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Well, I started to write two posts this morning, one a music meme thing and one about people who hate Halloween because of their own idiocy, but my mind is going pbffzzzt, which is what it does when I am trying to make it think too hard, too early, without enough caffeine or sleep. So instead, you get yet another question of the day. Though, I didn’t just pull this one out of my ass just to get something up here. We were watching some channel last night that was running a Best Saturday Night Live Moments thing. I was half asleep. And then I dreamed about Chevy Chase. He was eating Martin Short’s underwear. Don’t know what to make of that.


Today’s question is simple. What’s your favorite Saturday Night Live skit(s)?

Of course, you can talk for hours about that. You first go over the old stuff, back from the SNL golden days, and then all the skits from when it got funny again, and then that other brief stint when it was really funny and then fast forward up to Dick in a Box, but not much else recent.

This is absolutely one of my favorite skits ever. The comedy is so low key, so sublime. It was total genius.

“Hey, you! I know you! I know you!”

And almost anything with Eddie Murphy – Velvet Jones, Buckwheat Sings, James Brown….Toonces the Cat…Happy Fun Ball….Belushi’s samurai guy….the bees….Frank Sinatra…Julia Child…. I could do this forever. I’ll let you guys take over.

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