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Free agent season in the NHL started this weekend and the Islanders were like a kid losing at Monopoly, just tossing all their properties out on the table and watching them disappear.

Jason Blake. Tom Poti. Ryan Smyth.

I knew they were going to lose Smyth going in, but geez. This is a team that is falling apart at the seams. How many years in a row can you tell your fans you are in a rebuilding phase? Especially when all the supplies you need to rebuild keep disappearing. How about a rebuilding era? That’s more honest.

They should have never traded for Smyth to begin with. What a waste. Spend millions on a guy who is going to be a free agent and gives you no inclination that he is going to sign with you. Way to go. As far as Blake goes, I’m pretty pissed about that. Blake WANTED to stay on Long Island. They should have taken some of that 31 million they offered to a guy who wanted out and offered it to a damn good player who wanted in.

It’s almost heartbreaking. What’s funny is a lot of people took me to task when I made the declaration that I was no longer cheering on the Yankees. They said I was a fair weather fan who only liked to root for a winner. Yet, here I stand with the Islanders, year after year of disappointments, aggravation and ineptitude. I never give up on them and I will never abandon them. Somewhere down the road they will build up again and become contenders. That won’t happen, I’m convinced, until the current ownership changes, but it will come. It has to. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!

Meanwhile, the enemy Rangers have signed Scott Gomez and Chris Drury and my son just won’t shut up about it.

It’s going to be a long off season. And an even longer season.

At least I can always live vicariously through Todd and his Stanley Cup Champion Ducks.

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