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into the drink

I love the kitschy little facts I discover through Lileks. Like, today is National Ice Cream Soda Day.

The proper way – or my proper way – of drinking an ice cream soda is to take the straw and impale the scoop of ice cream with it. Push the straw down into the drink and take a long, hard sip, drawing up enough soda until your brain seizes up from the freeze. Then you pull the straw out slowly. At the last second, lean the straw back a little so the end catches onto some ice cream. Lift it out, eat the ice cream off the straw. Rinse, repeat.

When most people think ice cream soda, they think root beer. Which stands to reason, as that’s the standard. Root beer and vanilla ice cream. Maybe chocolate ice cream if you’re daring. With a little glop of whipped cream on top.

However, I’ve discovered something even better than the root beer combo.

Fanta Orange Cream soda and a scoop of french vanilla ice cream. If that doesn’t cause an orgasm in your mouth, nothing will. Well, something will. But that has nothing to do with soda.

The taste of orange and vanilla together is one of the greatest food combinations to enrapture your taste buds, second only to peanut butter/chocolate.

I used to hate anything orange flavored. Orange candy, orange soda, anything with fake orange flavoring made me think of guzzling a bottle of Triaminic. Then, through the power of 7-11, I discovered the Fanta Big Gulp. Not just a plain old Fanta Big Gulp. But one infused with several pumps of vanilla syrup.

big gulp

I don’t like soda. I don’t like orange flavoring. Yet, somehow, these two things together were like a superpower of taste conquering my tummy.

And then one night, like Dr. Frankenstein, if he experimented with food instead of brains, I took a huge scoop of french vanilla ice cream and plopped it into a glass of Fanta orange soda.


It was that good.

The hell with your Black Cow. I’m sticking to my combo. But I need a cool name for it. And Orange Cow is just lame.

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