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new PJM article – reaction to the McCain speech

As someone who has been a fence-sitter for this whole election cycle, I went into McCain’s acceptance speech not expecting much. I especially didn’t expect to be swayed into moving to either side of that fence.



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morning after thoughts

Thanks to a raging head cold and some NyQuil, I fell asleep before Palin’s speech last night. So I’ve been scouring news sites and blogs this morning to see how she went over.

Good thing I can watch a video of the speech and figure out on my own what I think, because if I was one of those people who relied on the media to tell me what I think, I wouldn’t know if Palin was a shrill, lying bitch or if she pulled a Roy Hobbs-like grand slam. I’m getting whiplash from reading this stuff.

Also, someone should ban Giuliani from ever saying the phrase “9/11” again. That’s all that man has. He’s made a career – or a least prolonged a career that should have been grounded to a halt – off the backs of a lot of dead people.

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