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tattoos, by request


JFH asked nicely to see a fuller version of Todd’s tattoos…or maybe he just wanted to see them without having to look at that cheesecake pose again. The pictures might suck because I took them at 6am (pre-coffee) and my camera is being a bitch. I really need to swap up. If anyone has a used D50/60/70 they are looking to sell, holla back. I mean….email me.

Click all for biggie size.

barcode anyone worth their punk street cred knows what that is.

tengu tengu

detail back detail

4 stuff on shoulder. i should probably make up a story here about being lost in the las vegas desert. but it’s too early.

shoulder lucky stuff. you’re gonna have to ask him if you want explanations of these.

bf2 that one again just because i liked both pictures.

spoon spoon!!!

rkl RKL

And there ya go.

I’m betting he comes home from California next week with another one. It’s nice to have friends that are tattoo artists.

Some time next month we’re going together to get tattoos that we decided on a long time ago. I just don’t know where I want to put mine.

Anyhow, it’s Saturday. The yard and house await. A renovator’s work is never done.

I think that goes for body renovations, too.

(i just realized i’m missing the front tattoo. i think i have an old picture of that, though. ah, there we go).

front right

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