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I resolve not to make any resolutions. Resolutions are hard. They end up making me feel like a failure. Instead, I am going to set goals, keeping in mind that if I don’t reach my goals by the end of the year, it’s ok as long as I worked on those goals and moved forward with each of them.

Most of these goals involve writing. And I shall make them public, in order to give myself more incentive to finish them.

1. Finish editing/rewriting all of the old essays and stories I saved from my eight years (yes, eight years this month!) of blogging.

2. Learn how to write a cover letter/pitch.

3. Send those essays/stories to magazines, etc. for possible publication.

4. Work on that novel. Work on it some more.

5. Write more. Finish off short stories still lingering at one or two paragraphs. Write more articles for PJM. Write more essays, instead of relying on ones already written.

6. Accept failure, accept rejection. You can not become a published writer (especially a free lancer) if you have a fear of failure. If there’s one thing I learned from talking to other writers, it’s that I will fail and be rejected often. It’s part of the process.

7. Call myself a writer. Don’t say “I want to be a writer.” I am a writer. I have published articles. I have written plenty of publish-worthy things. I am a writer. (thanks, Tony D)

8. Listen to the advice of free lancers who offer it. Be inspired by them, learn from them, take everything they say to heart. (thanks Toni)

9. Make time every day for creativity. Whether it be writing or photography (currently doing three flickr group projects, and one solo), make sure it happens every day, but do not pressure yourself into thinking whatever you do has to be perfect. That was certainly the downfall of my creative process last year. Creativity is live and learn, it doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. Think of being creative as a process. What was not perfect today, may lead to a new idea for tomorrow.

10. Don’t bring your work home. Crap that happens at work can be aggravating, but learn to leave it at the door of the office. Stewing about things you can not change kills the creative process.

There are other goals, related to personal things like health and fitness, family and the goal I have for every year but never get around to: stop procrastinating.

There are also silly goals like, just once get more kills than Todd in a Left 4 Dead level.

But the important thing is the writing. I hereby declare 2009 as The Year I Actually Feel Like A Writer.

Happy New Year!

(goal for today, recreating my blogroll over here. also, if you link to the old abv, please update the link)

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