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a great collapse

In light of what is being called The Worst Sports Collapse EVER, I’m wondering what your worst sports-related disappointment was.

Mine? Call it a collapse, call it karma, call it just shitty baseball playing. The wound is still fresh from this one. Which is why I have much sympathy for Mets fans today.

The 2004 American League baseball playoffs.

No contest on this one.

The Yankees held a three games to none lead over the hated Red Sox. Three games to none. They had to win ONE game out of the next four. Just. One. Game.

Red Sox are three outs away from being swept out of the American League Championship Series for the first time since 1988“- That was Joe Buck at the start of the bottom of the ninth of game 4.

We were psyched. This was awesome. We were running the Sox into the ground. Humiliating them. Punishing them. Who’s your daddy now? This was GAME ON and we were loving it.

And then the pact Big Papi made with the devil (or with Ted Williams’s head) kicked in and all hell broke loose.

The games came and went , the Yanks were up 3 games to none and suddenly we found ourselves in front of the tv watching a game seven that should never have been.

The 1-0 pitch, swing and a ground ball to second base, Pokey Reese has it, he throws to first and the Red Sox have won the American League Pennant.”

I’m telling you. I was stunned.

I remember back in whatever year that was that I saw Apocalypse Now in the movie theater. At the end of the movie, as the credits rolled, the theater was completely silence. Shock and awe. Everybody just sat there like, what the hell did we just see?

It was like that in my house. We all just stood there with our mouths hanging open. Nobody said anything for a long while. I think we were post traumatic.

Well, maybe not all those things. Maybe I was more angry than anything else. Maybe I threw a couple of things. Maybe I broke a few Yankee bobbleheads in the middle of the street by running them over with my car. Maybe I looked up Curt Schilling’s phone number and told him I would take that damn bloody sock and shove it so far down his throat he’d be shitting cotton and blood for two weeks. Maybe I went and stared at my photo of Bucky Dent hitting that homer over the Green Monster and cried into my pillow.

Let it be know, I wasn’t really crying because the Yankees lost. I mean, it’s sports. It wasn’t my life.

I was crying because they lost to the Red Sox.

Which means I’d have to face every Red Sox fan I brazenly taunted after game three, when I thought there was no way in hell the Yanks would lose this series.

Chickens coming home to roost and all.

I’d like to say I learned a valuable lesson in sports humility that day.

But…eh. I just learned how to be really bitter.

What are your bigges sports disappointments?

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