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red for burma

red for burma

My nephew David, adopted at birth by my sister and brother in law, is of Burma/Myanmar descent. His birth parents went back there shortly after he was born. That she chose to give him up for adoption and not take him back there with her is certainly a bit of profound fortune for him.

I’m saving a bunch of articles for him. He’s already asking about where he’s from and what it’s like there. I think the way people are rising up will be a good thing for him to see. Something to be proud of.

But I can’t help but look at pictures of the kids in the midst of all that strife and think, he was saved from that kind of life. Instead of growing up in a land of oppression, living in fear, he’s playing video games and eating at McDonald’s. Who’s to say which life would be better for him in the long run? Who’s to say which life would teach him more? I just know which life would be safer, I suppose. And that I’m grateful he’s living the life that includes our family.

Like a friend said to me in email today: small blessings really aren’t that small, are they?

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