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the best songs you never heard, volume 1

When Todd moved here from California he brought with him an enormous CD collection. There were a whole lot of bands in those boxes I never heard of. So I started listening to them. And found some quality music. Which I’m going to share with you. In short sentences, apparently.

I’ll probably do this a couple of times a week. Even when I run out of CDs from Todd’s collection, there are a ton of new (to me) bands I found when researching these bands, or through various other places on the intertubes (like the Aurgasmic column at FTTW).

Today’s choices:


They call themselves the scariest band in the world.

Imagine, if you will, a bunch of hillbillies drunk on moonshine and looking for trouble. Now imagine they have a band. With two bass players. If “Squidbillies” had a soundtrack, it would be made by this band. They call it psychobilly or voodbilly. I call it kick ass.

Try this: Dad, Why Did My Friends Explode

Conducter – Live and obviously wasted

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