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question of the day

You do know that these QODs are here to keep me entertained at work (as I get the comments mailed to my internet-less ass there)? Ok, that is not the question of the day. It is:

What, in your opinion, is the most overrated band in rock and roll history?

“band” and “rock and roll” open to your interpretation.

Update: To answer a comment:

Overrated does not necessarily mean a band/artist sucks. For instance, I don’t think Led Zeppelin sucks, but I do think they are horribly overrated in regards to their position in rock and roll history.

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20 years ago today, GnR gave birth to Appetite For Destruction.

The last great thing GnR ever did. And even that’s debatable.

In other news, Axl is still pregnant with Chinese Democracy. That’s the longest gestation period for album, ever.

Here’s hoping it’s stillborn.

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