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365-89: three is a magic number

three is a magic number

Day 89 of 365: a year in songs and photos
Song: Schoolhouse Rock (or Blind Melon, if you will), Three Is A Magic Number

I belong to a small photography google group with some friends. We have a bi-monthly theme that forces us all to go out and shoot something new. The current theme is “Three” and the deadline is today. We can submit three photos each; I used one I took in San Francisco (I specifically shot that scene with the theme in mind) and this one that I had the inspiration for today. Well, at least the inspiration for the song.

I was talking with my sister during lunch (we work together and often spend too much money on lunch together) and we got to talking about Todd and she said “Third time’s the charm.” Yes, I’ve been married twice already. I replied “Three is the magic number.” And then we both started singing. So I had the song, I just needed the photo idea, which I got while having a monthly chocolate fit in the candy aisle of the supermarket.

Three is a pretty good number. It’s all rounded and has no sharp edges. It’s small enough to hold in your hand, but big enough to keep you from feeling alone. It’s the kind of amount I notice; three flowers, three people, three of anything together stands out. Wishes come in threes, as do blind mice, bill goats gruff, house-building pigs and porridge eating bears. In tarot, three stands for creativity and intuition. Three is the tri-force of wisdom, power and courage (Did I just cite a video game? I did). There’s the Rule of Three, which states “whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times.” Three is karma.

Third time’s the charm.

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