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art every day – 11/27/107

take your credit card to the liquor store

Day 27 of Art Every Day

Title: “Take your credit card to the liquor store”

Song: Guns n Roses, Night Train

For explanation of this one, please first read the post two down from this one.

So, I decided to send my five bucks to Axl Rose.

Content of letter:

Dear Axl,

There are a lot of musicians I could have sent this money to; people like Bob Mould or Henry Rollins or Robert Plant, whose music graced the mix tapes of my youth. But I figured out of all of them, you could probably use the money the most. Some day you will realize two things: 1) Slash was the heart of GnR, and 2) We all know that Chinese Democracy is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. When that happens, take this five bucks and buy a bottle of Night Train to see you through.

Yours Truly,

michele c.
long island, NY

P.S. I am giving it to you in change because that’s how bum wine should be bought.

(This is up on the Dear Rockers site now)


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