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134. Scorpions – Rock You Like A Hurricane
Some of you may listen to Winds of Change and get all weepy about the fall of the Berlin wall. Some of you may listen to Still Loving You and get all weepy about the one that got away. Me, I am moved by Rock You Like A Hurricane. It is MY song.

Some day, when I finally get my professional wrestling gig, I will come out into the arena to this song. I will get into the center of the ring and say the words, for the past 20 years, have been my motto throughout my daily life, whether it be at work, at home or in bed:

Here I am. Rock you like a hurricane.

135. Fang – Berkeley Heathen Scum
Like I’ve said before, I hope you all find some new music to listen to through this adventure of mine. This is a band I’m sure most of you don’t know – a Northern California 80’s punk band that made some decent music (that was covered by both Metallica and Nirvana). Sammytown‘s voice is a bit hard to get used to; think Cookie Monster on ludes. But I kind of like it. It’s got a “I really don’t give a fuck” attitude about it. He sometimes sings like he’s going through the motions, just growling out some random lyrics and, while that doesn’t sound very appealing, it works here. It’s like slowed down punk rock, maybe what would happen if the Dead Kennedys took too much acid. Or if Jefferson Airplane smoked some crack. Psychedelic, trippy punk rock. How can you go wrong? Well, besides the whole murder rap thing.

136. Allman Brothers – Whipping Post
I could have listed just about any song here and I would have been satisfied that I made the right choice. Memories. All good ones. Cruising on a road trip to nowhere in my first car. Beach parties and bonfires. Huge picnics in the park, trying to move the kegs from field to field before the cops tracked us down. Seeing the band live about 15 times.

This song, so many years later, still gives me that same rush, that same desire to stand up on a stage and belt this out, that same surge of adrenaline when the music goes down and he picks up again with Sometimes I feel……..the one that comes from the bottom of his soul and works its way up and comes out sounding like a powerful right hook would.

If you have ever seen the Allman Brothers play then you know what a damn near religious experience this song can be live.

137. New Bomb Turks – I Want My Baby Dead?!
You’re in an oil stained garage that’s been cleared out to make just enough room for your friend’s band and there’s a dozen people crowded in there stinking like sweat and shitty beer and the feedback is bouncing off the walls and the shirtless guys are bouncing off each other and when you step outside for a smoke you can still feel the concrete shake. That’s this song.

138. Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas
I grew up on a steady diet of Elvis. In the homes of my friends, they worshiped Jesus or Mary or Moses. In my home, there was Elvis worship. I knew all the songs. I was forced to watch all the movies. Elvis in Hawaii. Clambake. Some movie where Mary Tyler Moore is a nun and Elvis seduces her. I think. I think he has to battle Jesus for Mary’s heart or something. I figured out a very young age that all the movies were the same. Elvis meets girls. Elvis sings to girls. Elvis makes out with someone. What happens in between all that doesn’t matter. It’s like watching the old Star Trek shows. You just wait for the moment when Kirk bangs an alien chick. Then the episode is complete. When Elvis sings at some swooning girl, the movie has reached it’s climax. The rest is just filler. Elvis. Kirk. Same thing. All you needed was an episode of Star Trek where Kirk swiveled his hips and crooned something like “hunka hunka burnin love” to some chick with blue skin and three arms, and you’d have Elvis in space.

I’ve grown to fully appreciate Elvis. Maybe it’s something that comes with entering old age. Maybe it’s because of the Velvet Elvis hanging in our computer room. Maybe it’s because Elvis built the pyramids.

Anyhow. I chose this song for a reason. Because it is quintessential Elvis.

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Carin emails and says:

Isn’t it time for a music post? I’m itching to get some new music …I want something I’d enjoy as much as QOTSA, but (obviously) someone else.

Ask and ye shall receive at ABV.

I really don’t feel like uploading songs tonight, so we’re gonna go with youtube. If you like any of these songs/bands, let me know and I’ll share the wealth. Also, not all these bands are like QOTSA, but you may dig them anyhow, Carin.

I also put this under the “best music you never heard” heading even though I know a lot of you know these bands, it’s just easier to keep track of my music posts that way.

First up, Fu Manchu. Heavy, groovy and funky, this band is the musical equivalent of a 71 Chevelle SS. They are all fast cars and airbrushed vans and girls in tube tops.

Next up is Clutch. One of my all time favorite bands, I describe them to the unchristened as early Black Sabbath meets Frank Zappa. Their entire catalog rocks my ass off.


So you’re having a party. It’s going to be the kind of party where there’s so many people, they won’t fit into backyard and they will spill over into your living room and kitchen, maybe even the front yard. There will be things going on the bedroom that you only hear about in whispered rumors weeks later. There will be shattered glass, vomit on the bathroom floor, overturned chairs, tire tracks on your lawn, a turd floating in your pool and several wall holes that will need spackling. At some point there will be the sound of sirens wailing through your neighborhood. The neighbors will complain about the loud, offensive music, the foul-mouthed kids stealing their lawn jockeys, the near-comatose girl on their patio and the car parked on their rhododendrons. Someone will ride a bicycle through your house. Someone will attempt to jump from the second story bedroom window into your pool, and probably miss. The next door neighbor’s 12 year old son will sneak into the party and develop a new vocabulary as well as a drug habit. Your dog will get stoned. There will be a court appearance in your future.

Apocalypse Dudes is the only music selection you need for this party.

Supersuckers: I can’t tell you how much I love this band. This is the kind of music playing in the background of a heated poker game where large, mustached men in denim vests and ten gallon hats drink moonshine and accuse each other of cheating and occasionally pull out a six shooter to make a point. It’s music that belongs on a half warped cassette tape that you shove into the tape deck of your 20 year old car and you sing out loud along with it as your car backfires almost in time to the songs. It reminds you at once of the lights of Vegas, of dirt roads, of Satan and deserts and bar fights and motorcycles. It’s rock and roll, Texas style. And it’s some of the best damn music ever put down on vinyl.

New Bomb Turks – fast, fueled rock and roll, perfect to drive to if you don’t mind speeding tickets. Aggressive speed punk. The kind of stuff that makes you wonder if you should bang your head or start a pit.

Hellacopters: It’s hard, it’s evil, it’s fun, it’s something you listen to while you are doing shots of some illegal liquor that you set on fire before throwing down your throat. And they are LOUD. Like good music is supposed to be. It’s like listening to angry sex. Those Swedes know how to rock.

Rocket From The Crypt – Go out right now and buy their album Scream, Dracula, Scream. Right now. It’s that good. If you don’t own it, you are really missing out on something spectacular. Drunken bar room brawling music.

I could literally do this all night. But this post is getting too long so I’ll stop here. The videos aren’t the best quality, but you can get the idea. And like I said, anything you want more of, just ask. I’m all about getting people to listen to the stuff I like.

Let me know if you listened/watched/enjoyed/hated it.

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