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One of the best things about doing this list is the new music I’ve been discovering. If anyone suggests a band or artist I never heard, I go find some of their music and check it out. By the time the list nears the halfway point, I should have listened to enough of these artists to include them in the rest of the list. So thanks to all who have shared some obscure (to me) band names.

I’m surprised at the lack of classic rock bands mentioned. It wasn’t until today that someone said Led Zeppelin and we finally got some Pink Floyd and The Who on the list. The object here is not to stump me – it’s to help me. So while I appreciate the unfamiliar band mentions, I also would like to see more classic rock and punk bands thrown in here. And if you think your Abba is going to scare me, you have never seen me lip synch to Fernando.

Now let’s get tonight’s list going.

15. Van Halen – Eruption/You Really Got Me
VH has been one of my favorite bands for a long time. I’ve ranted enough in all my various blog endeavors about the REAL Van Halen and how the band, in my mind, does not exist without David Lee Roth. So I won’t go into that again.

The best thing about VH, and why I still love them after all these years, is that I bonded with my kid through VH1. He plays a pretty mean guitar and when he started obsessing about guitar playing for real (gee, wonder where he gets the obsessive trait from?), he raided my CD collection for all the classic rock. And thus the hero worship of Eddie Van Halen began.

One day we were in Guitar Center and my son sat down to try out a new guitar. He picked up a Fender, plugged it in and started playing Eruption. There were about six or seven other people in the store all playing (Smoke on the Water, mostly) and they all stopped. Everyone who worked there stopped what they were doing. Everyone shopping stopped what they were doing. My kid played Eruption flawlessly and the place broke out in applause when he was done. Yea, I know, some of you will say it’s easier to play than it sounds. But come on, the kid was 10 at the time.

Anyhow, this song is a reminder for me of the days when my son and I got along all the time and listened to music together. Before he turned into a teenager. You Really Got Me is there just because you can’t have one without the other. (suggested by Scoldy, who says she is resembling Jabba the Hut these days)

16. Led Zeppelin – Trampled Underfoot
THE band of my youth. From when I was little kid stealing my cousin’s records right up until they released In Through The Out Door in 1978 and I broke up with them. I obsessed about Robert Plant, I wanted to be Jimmy Page, I admired the hell out of John Paul Jones (I always thought bass players are the backbone of a band) and well, no one ever cares about the drummer. But this song. There was a jukebox in the pinball place I hung out in, and it had nothing but Led Zeppelin and Creedence Clearwater Revival. I used to bring extra quarters just to play Trampled Underfoot as many times as I could without pissing off the bikers who wanted to hear Fortunate Son 700 times. You don’t piss off bikers with pool cues. Every time I hear this song, I can smell cigarettes, pot and biker sweat as if it were 1976 and I was about to drop some quarters in the Bally Wizard. (suggested by jwl)

17. Neil Young – Like a Hurricane
I’m going to start having flashbacks if I keep this up. Maryanne was my best friend in high school and a HUGE Neil Young fan. We all liked the guy well enough, but Maryanne was obsessive. But, she had the cool basement and no parental supervision, so when she wanted to listen to Neil Young, we listened. I tolerated this album only for this tune. This song is a trip. It was so easy to let it carry you away. I used to sit there in the dark (except for the black lights, of course) and get so into the music that I’d forget where I was. It was like going down a highway in a speeding car, not knowing where you were going or who was driving but just cruising along anyhow. There are some songs that I just won’t be able to adequately describe why they hit me the way they do. Guess this is one of them. (suggested by DK)

18. Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)
Most of our time in Maryanne’s basement was spent chemically altering our minds, listening to Pink Floyd and thinking that we could find the answer to life, the universe and everything in the lyrics. It was pretty hard to choose a song here. One of These Days? A DSOTM song? Pigs (three different ones)? Piss off all the PF purists and choose Learning to Fly? In the end I had to go with this one. All these years later, without benefit of any chemical substance, I can still get completely lost in this song and end up in some space where there is nothing but me, the music and the answer to life, the universe and everything. (scoldy again)

That’s enough for this evening. As always, I welcome more band/artist suggestions. And I’m wondering how long this is going to take to get to 300. A month? Two?

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