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Usually I use Retrocrush to rip off their list ideas to make my own. But The Exalted Listmaker Rob Berry is looking for your help making a new list. So, let’s help him!


We’re putting a list of the greatest movie music moments of all time, and would love to get your input. The catch is that they can’t be performance scenes in which the actors are actually singing, dancing, or lip syncing to the films. We want those classic scenes that were made immortal thanks to the song that accompanied it. We’re talking “Layla” during Goodfellas, or “Flight of the Valkyries” from Apocalypse Now (not Tom Cruise dancing to “Old Time Rock and Roll, or Judy Garland singing “Over The Rainbow”). Got some favorites? Email them to rberry@retrocrush.com soon, and they just might make the cut. Please take a bit of time to explain why the scene is so great with that music, too.

Layla was the first thing that came to mind, but here’s a few more I came up with during my pre-6am, pre-caffeine overdose brainstorm. And I know he wants explanations as to why I picked these songs, but it’s too early for that. I will add those on later. Honestly, the only explanation you need is this: If a song is used to perfection in a movie scene, it will remind you of that scene every single time you hear it; you won’t be able to listen to that song again without connecting it with the movie. These all fit that mark for me:

Pixies – Where is My Mind (Fight Club)
Harold Faltermeyer- Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop)
The Doors – The End (Apocalypse Now)
Stealer’s Wheel – Stuck in the Middle With You (Reservoir Dogs)
Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now (Shaun of the Dead)
Richard Cheese – Down With the Sickness (Dawn of the Dead)

And my two favorites, both of which use the juxtaposition of music and action to perfection:

Geto Boys – Still (Office Space)

Huey Lewis and the News – Hip to Be Square (American Psycho)

If you got any to add to the list (which one of you will be the first to say “In Your Eyes”?), use the comments, but mail them to retrocrush too.

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