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300 bands, 300 songs (146-150)

Halfway there!

146. Steve Miller Band – Wintertime
Book of Dreams is a great album that reaches across so many different types of music. It was fun rock and roll, a bit bluesy and a great sitting in your backyard drinking beer with your friends type album. Except for this song. Wintertime, is a slow, bare tune that needs a dark room and headphones. It’s the kind of song that can make a teenager long to know more about love and loss. And the kind of song that can make an adult who knows those things wish they didn’t. There’s not much to thislyrically, but what he says and the way he says and the arrangement of the music makes me feel almost haunted by the song.

147. Runaways – Cherry Bomb
1976. I was 14 years old. My parents had just pulled me out of public school and sent me to Catholic high school for “my own good.” One of the first friends I made in that school introduced me to the Runaways and that spark of of teenage rebellion that was lit the year before blew up.

Hello daddy, hello mom, I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb

Good girl gone bad. Turns out Catholic school girls were the last thing I needed for “my own good.”

148. Wu Tang Clan – Can It All Be So Simple
Do I love Wu Tang or do I simply love Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers)? Probably more of the latter. But this album is so packed with awesomeness, maybe I just had a hard time with the follow ups living up to it.

I love the groove on this song, the smooth stylings of both Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, the sampling of Gladys Knight and the Pips – it’s sort of jazzy and mellow, something you’d hear in the background of a dark night club, the kind where you have to know someone to get in.

Now, let’s take a moment of silence in memory of my man ODB.

149. Filter – Under
I almost went off their main catalog for this one. Their cover of Three Dog’s Night “One” for the X-Files soundtrack, and their duo with Crystal Method “Trip Like I Do” from the Spawn soundtrack and “Jurassitol” from the Crow: City of Angels soundtrack were my first three choices, but I decided to go with something from Short Bus, as this was the only great album of the three they put out. Talk about disappointing follow ups.

While Hey Man, Nice Shot is a pretty awesome song, Under just rocks me harder. It’s mean, it’s fast, and I love when he says “I got a fresh opinion now.”

Shame what happened to them. I nearly cried when they released “Take a Picture.”

But – and I’ll say this for any band I loved that changed their style and became successful – more power to them. People don’t get into this business to live on ramen noodles and sleep in a van their whole lives. If they manage to make money doing it, I think that’s great. Even if it means I don’t listen to them anymore.

150 – Motorhead – We Are The Road Crew
Let’s reach the halfway point milestone with Lemmy. The ugliest man in rock and roll. Seriously.

He may be ugly, but he sure as hell can rock. And, as we all know, Lemmy is God.

This is totally a sentimental pick, as Todd wrote a song to this tune while driving across the country to move here. If I weren’t so sappy, I would have picked Ace of Spades and said something about holding up a bic lighter and screaming until my voice gave out.

Fascinating trivia: Lemmy is the narrator on my favorite Troma movie, Tromeo and Juliet.

And there we go. I made it to 150. 150 more to go.

I did the math right this time.

I think.

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