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cock blocking the rock block

This has been bothering me since I was about ten years old. I need to get it off my chest.

It’s not a BIG thing, it’s not a life-affecting thing. It’s just a…thing.

cornell.jpgK-Rock is having one of those rock block parties this weekend. Three songs in a row by your favorite artist! WOW! Ok, so I am easily excited. And yes, I still listen to the old fashioned kind of radio. The kind you don’t have to pay for. Which sucked a bit for the past year or so (I had XM before that, but the XM thingie broke and I never got it fixed and I felt vaguely guilty for paying 200 dollars a year to listen to music that I had in my CD collection anyhow), as the only two rock stations in New York played a daily combination of Stairway to Heaven and Freebird. But K-Rock switched from talk back to rock two weeks ago, so I put my mix CDs away and decided to enjoy free radio again. Which is nice, except for when they play Nickelback.

Anyhow. The rock block party thing.

This is something every radio station that does block parties takes part in. The Cheat. Yesterday, they played Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. I thought, kick ass, two more Soundgarden songs coming up! But no. No. My hopes from something off Badmotorfinger were dashed when they played Say Hello To Heaven. Which is not a Soundgarden song. It’s a Temple of the Dog song. Which has Chris Cornell in common with Soundgarden, but it is NOT Soundgarden.

Following me here?

I consider that cheating. And lazy. I mean, if you wanted to do a Chris Cornell block, you should play three Chris Cornell solo songs. And nobody wants to hear that shit. Playing Soundgarden, TotD and Audioslave is not a rock block of any kind in my mind. It would be like playing a Led Zeppelin block but including something from The Firm and something from the Honeydrippers. Who the hell wants that? No one I know.

I told you this wasn’t a big thing. But I’ve been holding this rant in for thirty years. Well, I’ve said it out loud, but to myself in the car while I’m pointing at the radio and throwing in some colorful words to describe the lazy ass DJ. I just thought I’d share.


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