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People write about their “desert island discs” all the time. You know, the five or ten albums you would take with you to a desert island.

Tesco has taken that idea one step further and come up with his Desert Island Band. It looks like it was an easy choice for him (and I figured right away it would be The Clash), but I’m having a hard time with this.

Think about it. One band to listen to forever. The same band. Over and over. I suppose if I took the whole “desert island” thing literally I would take into consideration the band members themselves and the fact that they probably have their instruments with them and could make new music at any time. But where would you plug in an amp on an island? Come to think of it, where would you play all those desert island discs? Last I remember, deserted islands do not come with electricity.

Ok, I’m stretching that idea. Sorry. What Tesco means is this:

The fact is, however, a favorite band of all time should be treated exactly like your “island band” because this is the band that you can safely say you would have no problem being stuck with for the rest of your life, the one band that you can hear a billion-trillion (real number, it is really!) times and not get sick of. The same band that if you can, you will listen to everyday.

That’s a tough one. At first I thought, you’d need a band with a large catalog so you would have a large variety of music to choose from. Even then, you would probably get sick of them after a while. In which case, you could always just turn off the music an do something else, like whittle statues of Japanese monsters out of wood or make invisible friends (see, I’m still taking the desert island thing literally). Then again, if you’re whittling, you could make a flute out of some balsa wood and make your own music. By the time they rescue you, you’d have a whole repertoire of songs laid out and you’d be the next Zamfir. Imagine that – when they have the press conference announcing your rescue (WOMAN FOUND AFTER 28 WEEKS ON DESERT ISLAND, LIVED OFF NUTS AND BERRIES WHILE PRAYING TO A WOODEN STATUE OF MOTHRA)you could whip out your homemade flute and get yourself a book deal and a recording contract at the same time.

Anyhow. The band.

After much brainstorming on this question I decided that my desert island band would be Queens of the Stone Age.

They don’t have a very extensive catalog (five albums), but the albums and the songs within contain such a wide scope of musical stylings that you can’t possibly get bored with it. They run through so many genres in their music that sometimes you feel like you are listening to several different bands. There are songs to rock out to, songs to fall asleep to, songs to ponder the existence of life on a desert island to, songs to make you want to dance or cry, that make you want to look around the island for some mind altering plant to smoke, songs that make you want to break stuff or sit quietly and whittle wood.

I could also take this one step further and say that, by extension, if I choose QOTSA as my favorite band I get not only their catalog, but the catalog of all the band members, past and present, which would include albums by The Dwarves and Foo Fighters and Perfect Circle and Failure and Kyuss and Eagles of Death Metal and Screaming Trees and…..well, that might be cheating. But it’s a good thought (However, I think I should get all the Desert Sessions stuff because that is, more or less, QOTSA).

I can’t imagine having to listen to one singular band for the rest of my life. But if I absolutely had to, QOTSA would be it. Besides, this is really more about naming your favorite all time band than about sitting on an island talking to an inanimate Godzilla eating what could be poisonous mushrooms as you contemplate throwing yourself into the ocean because the whole scenario reminds you of that Tom Hanks movie you hate.

So, my favorite band is QOTSA.

I wonder how “I Was A Teenage Hand Model” would sound on a homemade flute.

[for those of you who knew me when and are wondering what happened to make Faith No More be displaced as my all time favorite band, let’s just say that certain life things have caused their music to leave a bad taste in my mouth. i’ll get over it eventually]

QOTSA: Go With The Flow

I Never Came (live)

Avon (live with Grohl)

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