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I was going to write yet another thing about Halloween and then offer up a download of the song Halloween by the Misfits, but they are just one of those bands that I never bothered ripping the discs of when I got the new hard drive. I don’t know what happened. I used to love them, then one day I put on Walk Among Us and realized that two minute, four-chord retelling of B-grade horror movies just didn’t do it for me anymore.

This got me to thinking about bands I loved that just faded from my playlist for one reason or another. Sometimes you just grow tired of certain music. Sometimes you outgrow it. And sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that make you delete every folder containing a certain band from your hard drive. Which is a shame. As much as I used to love Faith No More – I was obsessed with them for years – I have such a hard time listening to them now because they remind me of things I don’t want to be reminded of. Where their entire catalog used to be a source of musical pleasure for me, they now remind me of lies and anger and empty promises and every time I try to enjoy Angel Dust again, I’m left with a taste of bitterness that hangs on the entire day.

Yet there are bands I loved that went through tough times with me that I stuck with. Maybe the years have taken the edge off the memories. I can bring out the entire Husker Du catalog without thinking about that messy breakup. I can listen to Black Flag’s Damaged without experiencing the ensuing black hole of depression that used to follow it. I didn’t lose all my good music just because I associate bands and songs with emotions. Maybe I shove them on the back burner for a while, but they come back.

Then there are those bands you just had enough of. I went through my regressive emo stage and I can really live without Taking Back Sunday now. And then there are the bands you once adored and you try to listen to their music now and your reaction is “what the hell was I thinking?” Did I once really think The Doors were anything more than dime store poetry sung by a man with a grand self-perception rivaled only by Jesus? Did I really have the cover to Yes’s Fragile painted on the back of my Levi jacket?

Another band that falls into that category, like the Misfits, is the Ramones.

Yes, I said it. The Ramones. It feels almost blasphemous to write that. A New Yorker who grew up in the 70’s and was around for beginning of that band’s rise to fame is done with them? I hear a collective gasp from the die hard Ramones fans I know. I know the way they think. They’ll hear me say something like this and come after me with pitchforks and torches, crying about my lost punk roots and how my cred is completely shot. So be it. I really don’t like you “punk lived and died in the 70’s” people, anyhow. Just for good measure, I’m going to tell you that I no longer listen to the Clash, either. It’s not that I threw alway all my punk records and gave up on the genre. I just stuck with the ones that stood my test of time. I’d rather listen to the Circle Jerks or 7 Seconds or Minor Threat all day than listen to the same song, different words from the Ramones.

There are tons of bands and whole genres that came and went in my life. Lots of bands that don’t matter, bands I forgot about, albums I wish I never spent money on. Your life changes, you grow up, move on, your tastes change. I still listen to a hell of a lot of the music I loved in my misspent youth. I love me some good, old fashioned metal and I’ll never tire of Pink Floyd.

It doesn’t bother me so much that my Misfits and Ramones CDs are going to collect dust now. What bothers me is when my music is taken from me through circumstances. Sure, they are self-made circumstances. There’s a reason I won’t listen to Stabbing Westward’s Darkest Days anymore and it has nothing to do with anything but me and my tendency to be overwrought in my wallowing. I’m not going to blame anyone but myself that I can’t listen to Faith No More or Nick Cave with the enjoyment I used to. Hopefully, like with Husker Du, I’ll get that musical pleasure back some day. As for the Doors and most of the Led Zeppelin catalog and Lynyrd Skynyrd, those phases are long gone and I don’t want them back.

I was supposed to be writing a Halloween thing here. Just another example of how my mind works at 5am. I’ll do the Halloween thing later.

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places to go, people to see

Me, I’m seeing nothing but the couch today.

Bizarre Records: Just like the title says. I know the guy who runs this from Fark. It’s a cool site, he’s a cool guy and sometimes I’ll get weird blogging ideas from the album covers I see there.

The Barker’s Blog: Part of a project from Kevin Parrot and Rick Eller. It’s got weirdness and creepiness and all kinds of oddities. Like a sideshow freak show for the internet.

Retrocrush: I’m not the only one getting a jump start on Halloween. Rob has vintage Halloween cards, plus the 30 greatest ghosts.

100 Word Stories: Monday through Friday, new themes are posted and the authors at the site (of which I am one) try to come up with a 100 word story for the theme. Readers are invited to try their hand and post their story in the comments; reader stories are sometimes promoted to the front page.

Cultpunk: A good punk rock blog in its own, but go there for the clip of the punk rock episode of Quincy before you read the rest of the blog.

Hüsker Düdatabase: Simply because I’ve been obsessed with listening to Hüsker Dü the past few days.

Hockey, hockey, hockey: YES, it is hockey season! HockeyBuzz , A View From The Cheap Seats and my favorite hockey blog, Off Wing Opinion.

If you got a site you want to link, feel free to leave a comment doing so.

I have a date with some cold medicine and the remote.

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spending 120 minutes on 120 minutes

Via MeFi: An aggregation of all the videos that appeared on MTV’s 120 Minutes.

How many times do we say, gee remember when MTV used to show videos? Well, not only did they show videos, but they showed cool videos. Artists and songs that were outside the realm of mainstream, outside the little box of “popular” that MTV threw at us all day long. Artists like Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and XTC and Julianna Hatfield. Then there are well known bands, with videos that never really got played outside of this show. Faith No More’s Evidence. The Cure’s Letter to Elise.

Most of these videos are from YouTube. I give the guy who made this site tons of credit for the time he must have spent gathering all these videos in one place. But I curse him for making me sit at my computer all morning watching these videos and reliving the days when a band like Husker Du got some airplay, even if it was on a niche program.

Have fun.

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We rented yet another dumpster.

I have a love/hate relationship with these things. Having a dumpster in my driveway means work is progressing. It means getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. It means things are moving along.

It also means I have to throw things out. There’s something about having this huge trash receptacle in my driveway that just screams THROW THAT DAMN STUFF OUT YOU PACK RAT! So I head into the garage and start eyeing bags and boxes of stuff that I’ve been hoarding since time began.

Over the years, I’ve gotten better at throwing things out. When I moved from our last apartment into this house, I dumped a lot of stuff. It was hard, but I did it. I saved so many useless papers – I swear, I had every single test either of my kids ever took. Hell, I think I had every scrap of paper they ever drew on. I had not just old toys, but the boxes the old toys came in. Board games with missing pieces. Clothes I’d never wear again. 8 track tapes? I wouldn’t even know where to find a player these days. And who listens to Jefferson Starship on purpose anyhow?

Somehow a lot of my junk still came with me to the house. After about two years in this house, the garage started to look like the rummage sale of a mentally ill person. Right after Todd moved here in November, we cleaned out the garage. Threw tons of stuff out. It looked fresh and new and you could almost fit a car into it. So how the hell is it all filled up again? Do all my papers and books and holiday decorations multiply? I don’t understand it.

Well, we have a dumpster. Let’s throw some stuff out. (all conversations herein paraphrased)

Todd: You should ditch all these albums. They suck.
Me: Like you wouldn’t listen to the 12 inch dance remix of Electric Avenue?
Todd: *silent glare*

I thumb through the rest of the albums. This is all the shitty stuff I couldn’t sell on eBay when I went through my “get rid of your valued treasures for cash” phase about seven years ago. And let me tell you how much I regret doing that. But you do stupid things when you are broke and desperate for money and your “partner” doesn’t have a job but convinces you that you could make a killing on eBay by selling YOUR stuff.

Anyhow. A box of vinyl, and the only thing that gets saved is Husker Du’s New Day Rising, which shouldn’t have been in the junk pile to begin with.

And so it goes in the garage.

Todd: Why are you saving this?
Me: I don’t even know what is.
Todd: Isn’t this broken?
Me: Probably.
Todd: Dude. Are all these batteries dead?
Me: I guess I meant to throw them out…
Todd: What the fuck is this thing?
Me: It’s a beanie baby.

By the time we’re done I realize that half the stuff in the garage is being held onto for sentimental purposes only. The beanie babies are ratty looking and dirty and remind me of a zoo in a third world country. But….my kids loved those things when they were little! I know, I know. They’re not little anymore and they probably don’t even remember that I drove all over town trying to get that one elusive beanie.

Into the dumpster.

Then I get into a groove. I get bold. What the hell am I saving these books for? I’ll never read them again. In fact, I hate Dean Koontz and I don’t even know where this book came from. TOSS! Comic books that have no resale value that I’ll never read again? TOSS! Christmas decorations that are held together by duct tape and spit? TOSS! Seventeen millennium falcons from a Star Wars promo Taco Bell did back in 1997? TOSS!

pretty falcons all in a row

What? What did I just do? I threw out STAR WARS PARAPHERNALIA??

Ok. Here’s where I either commit myself or pat myself on the back. Up until now, my Star Wars toys have been holy. Untouchable. Has my desire to have a beautiful home finally outweighed my need to hang on to my pop culture artifacts? Have I…..grown up?

Before I lose my resolve, I start tossing. A Boba Fett with a missing leg. My 5th, 6th and 7th Han Solo in carbonite figures. A broken Landspeeder. And then I blindly toss. Just reach into the boxes and start hurling things into the dumpster. Spider Man toys. A Sonic the Hedgehog doll. A bunch of Hellboy figures. More comic books. More records. Cassette tapes. Controllers for consoles that no longer exist. PURGE! PURGE!

Ohh! My little Angry Beaver figures!!

Yea, like you even thought for a second that I grew up overnight.

I did toss out a whole lot more after that and man, it felt good. The garage is nowhere near clean yet, but I’m guessing that throwing out the Star Wars stuff means throwing out everything else will be easy.

Here’s another thing about dumpsters that suck: Neighbors.

Between the neighbors who are peeking in the garbage to see what we’ve thrown out and the neighbors who are emptying their own garages out into our dumpster, I’m about to throw up a yellow “crime scene” ribbon, write the word FUTURE on top of “crime scene” and let it serve as a warning to anyone who thinks that they can just traipse into my driveway to either dump their crap or to take out the stuff I already dumped. Do you know how easy it is to hide a body underneath seven boxes worth of worthless comics, toys and records? Keep your damn dirty paws off my garbage, you scavengers!

Because we all know I’m gonna sneak out there in the middle of the night and take those millennium falcons back.

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