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While it is ok for me to announce that it is fucking hot outside, just for the sake of complaining, it is not ok for news programs to act like this is the most astounding breaking news in the last ten years and lead off every newscast with the temperature and do fifteen segments on what humidity means and why you should drink a lot of water and OH MY GOD WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IT’S THE HELLISH HEATWAVE, ’07!

It’s July.

In New York.

It’s hot.

This is NOT news.

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it’s getting hot in here

Really bad camera phone pic of the temperature thing in my car.

Hey, it’s time for another list!!!

Seasons I hate:

1. summer
2. summer
3. summer
4. summer
5. summer in new york

Weather I hate:

1. hot
2. humid
3. muggy
4. summer in new york
5. did i mention hot?

Just wanted to get that out of the way, so my complaining for the season is done in one shot. You may refer back to this list when the temperature reaches above 85 in New York.

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