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spending 120 minutes on 120 minutes

Via MeFi: An aggregation of all the videos that appeared on MTV’s 120 Minutes.

How many times do we say, gee remember when MTV used to show videos? Well, not only did they show videos, but they showed cool videos. Artists and songs that were outside the realm of mainstream, outside the little box of “popular” that MTV threw at us all day long. Artists like Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and XTC and Julianna Hatfield. Then there are well known bands, with videos that never really got played outside of this show. Faith No More’s Evidence. The Cure’s Letter to Elise.

Most of these videos are from YouTube. I give the guy who made this site tons of credit for the time he must have spent gathering all these videos in one place. But I curse him for making me sit at my computer all morning watching these videos and reliving the days when a band like Husker Du got some airplay, even if it was on a niche program.

Have fun.

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