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last house on the left

last house on the left

Today we bought the last piece of Spookytown. We just finished landscaping it and now, our Spookytown is done.

Tomorrow I’ll take a couple of pictures so you can get a feel of what the whole thing looks like finished. I don’t have a wide angle lens, so I’ll probably take a few pics and stitch them together. We’ll also be uploading a video of the town in action – all the lights and noises going. It’s pretty neat. Or rad, as Todd says.

When we put the video up, we’ll also be having a contest of sorts to go along with it. So stay tuned.

We’re kind of sad it’s done. Makes me start thinking about Christmas town……


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I know this is old hat, but I’m on a horror movie kick right now (part of my Halloween preparation) and it’s a good question:

What’s the scariest MOMENT from a horror movie? What scene made you jump out of your seat or cover your eyes? Which moment from a scary movie haunts your sleep to this day?

One of the best comes from a movie I really didn’t like all that much. Thing is, I like creepy more than I like scary. Gore and guts and blood and monsters popping out from nowhere may give me chills or make me jump out of my seat, but it’s the creepy things that stay with me and keep me from turning the lights off at night. While I get immense enjoyment from great horror films like Dead Alive or Evil Dead, it’s movies like Session 9 and Event Horizon that stay with me long after the credits roll and give me nightmares.

I did not enjoy Blair Witch Project. I thought it was long and drawn out and really boring in too many parts.blairwitch2.jpg I struggled to stay awake for most of the movie. Yet the film has one redeeming feature. It contains what, in my eyes, is one of the creepiest moments on film. The ending, where Michael is standing completely still and facing the corner. It was so unsettling, so unnerving that it made sitting through that entire movie worth it. I can’t even explain to you why I found it so creepy or why I saw that scene when I closed my eyes for many nights after I saw the movie or why I still get chills when I think about it. I think it was the ambiguity, the absence of any explanation, the total unknowing feel about it that gave me the creeps.


‘Salem’s Lot – Oh, you know which scene. Face in the window. My sister used to try to scare me by going around to my bedroom window and scratching on it. That’s a good way to get yourself killed. By my hands.

Friday the 13th/Carrie – I put these two together because they are almost the same scene, different circumstances. Jason popping out of the water and Carrie’s hand coming out of the grave are really almost pedestrian in their simplicity. But something went right with these scenes where it went wrong for thousands of other movies. Because I know I screamed out loud both times. And I rarely do that.

Event Horizon – The woman with the black holes for eyes. This is an evil, evil, evil movie. The kind of movie that gets into your brain and makes your imagination turn on you.

Jaws – We’re gonna need a bigger boat. Yea, I’m gonna need a change of pants.

The Shining – This movie wasn’t nearly as scary as the book. That said, the scene where Danny is riding down the hallway and meets up with the twins haunted me for a few nights.

– Does anyone besides me even remember this movie? It was a trilogy of scary stories. The one with the severed hand crawling around seeking revenge on the husband gave me nightmares. I was only ten at the time. What the hell was my mother thinking taking me to see that? Eh, I should probably thank her.

The Fly (original) – Holy shit. I think this was the first movie scene tothefly2.jpg ever really freak me out. I must have been about six or seven when I watched this with my mother. She was a huge Vincent Price fan and would make us watch all his movies when they were on tv (I think this was one of those “horror week” things on the WPIX 4:00 movie). When you see the human face on that fly and hear the tiny, pathetic “Help me!” – that’s damn terrifying to a little kid. For weeks after I would look in spider webs for human flies, just in case anyone was looking for help.

Trilogy of Terror – Is there anything more terrifying than a made for tv Karen Black movie? Yes. It’s when Karen Black meets up with an evil tribal doll. I’ll let the pictures do it justice here (I wrote about it already here).

Yea, I’ll be sleeping with the light on tonight.

So those are just a few of my favorite/most terrifying moments from horror movies. Let’s hear about yours.

Here’s the 100 scariest scenes at Retrocrush, to get your memory going.

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if you build it………

won't anyone dance with me?

“Well, looks like it’s me and you tonight, cat. Sigh. I’ll get the peanut butter.”

For the interested, we have completed a bunch more work on the halloween thingie. You can view the whole set here. I’m pretty sure it is in chronological order.

We still have a ways to go. Then we start on the yard decorations.

I love Halloween.

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spooky town in progress

Spooky Town (and we do need a better name for it, rather than the ™ name) is about 3/4 done. Once we get it in the window we are going to need a soundtrack for it. Sure, a lot of these houses and stuff make noises, but what would a Halloween be without my “suggest a cool mix cd for me” post? What would Halloween be at my house without the music of some psychobilly band followed by “I Put A Spell On You” blasting from my living room window? I have done this mix suggestion every year I’ve been blogging during Halloween, which makes this the 5th or 6th mix. Not sure.

So, what I need from you are scary, creepy tunes. Could be pure Halloween music or movie scores or Cannibal Corpse songs or anything I between. I like to stick mostly to rock, but putting true spooky music between the Misfits and Rob Zombie always seems to work. Anything with creepy lyrics works as well as anything with eerie music.

*Just no Monster Mash, please. I think we are all sick of that in the same way we don’t want to hear Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer every again.

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this is halloween

haunted lake

We have spent the entire weekend working on our Halloween display. This part is the haunted lake – school bus full of kids took a wrong turn, I guess. We have it half submerged in the lake and later in the week we’ll add the appropriate accessories, like little hands sticking out of the water or ghostly faces in the bus windows.

I’ll post pics of the rest of what we’re working on tomorrow.

Just to give you an idea, this thing has taken over our entire kitchen:

spooky town

We’re moving it to the living room bay window when it’s done.

This has been tedious, time consuming, wallet emptying and tiring. And we’re not anywhere near done yet. But it’s a hell of a lot of fun, despite all that. And it’s going to kick all kinds of ass when it’s done.

I love Halloween.

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won’t you take me to…spookytown

we'll leave the light on

We bought more Spookytown stuff tonight. We are officially addicted. And officially ready for for Halloween.

More pictures here. Our setup is gonna be sweet.

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