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a contest! win a fabulous prize!

Here’s the deal. I got to talking with Todd about how many photos I will take while in California. Considering I took 714 at ONE hockey game, the amount will be considerable. He suggested a contest. So,here it is.

I’m leaving on the morning of the 16th and coming back on the 22nd. So we’ll say, officially, how many photos I will take on the vacation total, meaning from the time I get on the plane, to the time I get off the plane at JFK on the night of the 22nd.

You can leave your guesses here, I’ll also be doing this on my flickr page. Whoever comes closest without going over (sorry, that’s the Bob Barker in me) wins something. Not sure yet, but whatever it is, it will be brought back from the Land of Infinite Sunshine or whatever you Californians call that place.

Update: Since people have asked, I will be in Sacramento for most of the trip, with one day in San Francisco (no Alcatraz). We are NOT doing the usual touristy things as we are visiting with Todd’s family and friends. But, keep in mind that I never really take photos of the usual stuff. And Sacramento has lots of vintage and neon signs, which I’m a fan of. I’m using a 4 gig card, and I will most likely buy another of those before I leave. I think that’s enough to go on.


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