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300 bands, 300 songs (56-60)

56. Elvis Costello – Watching The Detectives
Man, how I loved Elvis C. That’s how I always referred to him, given that my mother would smack me upside the head if I ever referred to him as just Elvis. Because, there can be only one, apparently.

Elvis C. wrote songs the way I wished I could (my greatest lyrical effort to that date had been save the whales/save the whales/send your money through the mail – think hardcore punk as played on a Casio). The way he strung phrases together, his biting cynicism, the sneer in his voice….it was everything I wanted in my music at the time. Watching The Detectives was absolutley brilliant. It was all the things I love about Elvis wrapped up in one amazing song.

I don’t know why I stopped listening to Elvis C. so much after This Year’s Model, but Watching The Detectives was the last song of his that I felt that complete fulfillment with.

57. The White Stripes – Dead Leaves and Dirty Ground
I’ve said this on here before – So many of their song sound the same, yet there’s something about them I love so much. This is such a sweet song and Jack White sings it with such earnestness and it’s all punctured with heavy, staccato beats and it’s like a love poem wearing dirty jeans. Which makes sense in my head.

58. REM – Radio Free Europe
The first song on their first album. The one that started my on-again/off-again romance with the band. This would always be the song that took me back to the days when I thought REM was going to be one of those bands that would put out genius album after genius album and I would love them forever. Cut to several years later, I’m in the Nassau Coliseum, REM is playing and there’s this weird backdrop across the stage displaying Bill Berry’s CAT scan and I’m sitting there with headphones on listening to the Yankees lose the American League pennant to the Seattle Mariners, drowning out Michael Stipe’s attempt to stay weird, yet relevant.

59. Beck – Soul Suckin Jerk
I really like Beck’s music but sometimes I feel like I’m listening to some weird email spam set to funky beats. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I chose this song simply because i love saying “running through the mini mall in my underwear.”

60. Black Flag – Depression
A song about depression that plays fast and hard and angry. This song is about tearing your skin open just to let it all out and letting people know that if they stand by and watch this happen, they are going to get caught in the fallout. And you don’t care. It’s about throwing yourself against a wall just to get that thing off your back. Hard. And liking the feel of it when the wall meets your bones.

Think I can get to 100 by Saturday night? I better start doing more than five at a time.

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