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saturday viewing, 80’s style

Happy Birthday, Simon Lebon.

God, how I loved Duran Duran.

This certainly wasn’t their best song (Planet Earth, Save a Prayer, Come Undone, The Chauffeur…) but it was by far the best of their always stylish videos. My inner lesbian called this one Free Porn. I didn’t have to tilt my head to watch this through scrambled lines. It was all laid out right there on my tv screen. I could switch my lustful gaze between the boys in the band and the girls on film. A win-win situation.

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46. Metallica – Battery

Yea, I am one of those people. Before the Black album…Lars is a pussy…… Bob Rock..If Cliff were still alive….Load was garbage….blah blah blah. I think I covered it all.
Even though I lost my taste for almost all Metallica – what seemed genius back then seems mostly boring to me now – there are still a few songs that will get my head banging and my hands drumming and bringme back to a time when James still knew how to growl without sounding like he lost his balls in a freak accident involving Jason Newsted and a butt plug shaped like Dave Mustaine. Battery is one of those. A song that can make my head move faster than the speed of light and have my son roll his eyes and tell me to leave the head banging to the kids and I say something like I WAS LISTENING TO METALLICA BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN BORN, YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE…..

…eh. This shit makes me feel OLD.

47. Guns N Roses – Mr. Brownstone
I never really LOVED GnR. I liked them a lot, but Axl grated on my last nerve and that kept me from being more than a casual fan. Sure, I wore out Appetite For Destruction on my car cassette player like a lot of other people, but I was calling Axl names while I did it, so don’t call me a fan, ok? OK?

Let’s face it, Axl’s voice isn’t exactly star quality. It was partly the band, partly his hair, and maybe a little bit of kilt magic that got people to listen to him. A voice like his gets kicked off American Idol these days. But hey, everyone loves a drug addict rock star with an overblown ego. Constant drama!

Anyhow, I think this is the one song where the nasal quality of his voice kind of fit. It’s got a good groove and some kick ass guitar and it’s not November Rain, which is the best thing going for any GnR song. Besides November Rain. Obviously.

48. Rage Against the MachineTestify
They could be singing about revolting against Mother Theresa in this song for all I care. The power of the music just drags you along with it and you find yourself pumping your fist in the air yelling TESTIFY! as if you really had any idea what you were testifying about. This is how cults are formed, you know.

49. Pixies – Cactus
Have you ever missed someone so much you think you won’t be able to breathe until you see them again? This song is all desperate longing and impatient music.

50. Duran Duran – Planet Earth
One of the first Duran Duran songs I ever heard. There was something so dark about this song, yet so…fun. Fun to sing, fun to dance to, fun say those doo doo doos. Planet Earth made me love Duran Duran, a love that remained solid even after the dance clubs were closed down, my favorite radio station abandoned the new wave format, I gave up my torn fishnet stockings for more work appropriate clothing and I realized that Simon Lebon was more pretty than hot. Doo doo doo do do do doo doo.

As always, more band/artist suggestions welcome. And thanks to those who left their favorites by these artists this morning. I really enjoy hearing about your favorite songs.

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