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happy birthday, lili von shtupp!

happy birthday to the cutest puppy ever

today is lili’s first birthday.

happy birthday to the most awesome dog in the world!

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It occurred to me that most of you have not seen a photo the cutest dog in the world in a while

listless lili take two

Ain’t she sweet?

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365-94: wrecking crew


Day 94 of 365: a year in songs and photos
Song: Adolescents, Wrecking Crew

This is Lili. Lili is a homewrecker.

She does something we call “prize patrol.” She goes from room to room, grabbing socks, shoes, gloves, underwear, toilet paper, toys, whatever she can grab in her teeth, and drags them into the living room. She even once tried to drag an entire blanket out of our bedroom. She piles everything up in front of the couch and then sits in front if it, guarding it like a king guards his kingdom. Every once in a while, she’ll choose one of her “prizes” to play with.

I cleaned up the prize patrol yesterday. This was taken today. She moves fast. Sure, it’s probably our fault for leaving socks and such where she can get them. But…I hate to say it…we’ve actually gotten into the habit of leaving socks on the floor on purpose so Lili has some prizes to catch.

When I was taking the photo, I was looking at her saying “Lili, you made such a mess!” And she just gave me a look that said “Guilty as charged!”

A note about the couch: We have this weird couch that pulls out on some kind of roller. Sometimes we pull it out just a few inches to give us more room to stretch out when we’re playing video games or watching tv. The space under there has become the cat’s only means of escape when Lili wants to play Pounce The Kitty. So we leave it open for her now.

I’m so glad we spent a crapload of money and countless, backbreaking hours redoing the living room last spring. It now belongs to the pets.

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the snapinator

Or Snapper. Snappy. The Snapster. Snaparoni. Snapples.

There’s so much you can do with a name like Snapper.

I’m sorry we discarded some of the other suggestions, but this had to be a family decision. The best was a name I got from a Fark “suggest a name for the dog” thread – Lili von Shtupp.

But Snapper it is, or any variation thereof.

She is the most fun dog EVER.

Now if only her and the cat could learn to love each other.

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