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about that del taco….

about that del taco...

(I will announce that contest winner later today)

Part of the lure of going to California was the constant talk from friends about how their fast food is so much better than NY fast food. Yea, we both have our Taco Bells and chain restaurants and such, but there are things I could get in Sacramento that I can’t get in New York: Del Taco, Wienerschnitzel and Jack in the Box.

Like I said yesterday, the Wienerschnitzel chili dogs were quite good for what they were, if a little small.

We used to have Jack in the Box here, ages ago. They no longer exist in New York. Let’s just say that the best thing about Jack in the Box is their commercials (which I was forced to watch on You Tube).

Now, let’s talk about Del Taco. Because every Californian I know will go on and on about how much better Del Taco is than Taco Bell. Seriously, that’s like comparing cholera and typhoid fever. Who the hell cares which one is deadlier? They both suck.

I wolfed down two soft tacos as we were driving from one excursion to another. Some of you may think that’s not the best way to conduct a fast food taste test, but I beg to differ. Half the times I eat Taco Bell, it’s in the car, in a rush on my way to somewhere. So it was actually the perfect taste test.

I dug in to the taco, expecting some kind of fast food nirvana, or at least something that would make me forget that Taco Bell exists.

You know what it tasted like? A 59 cent taco. It tasted like ass sweat and cheese with hot sauce. Which is to say, it tasted like Taco Bell.

Your fast food is NOT better than our fast food. And really, who would want that claim to fame, anyhow? Sure, your bagels are softer (which I enjoy) and your pizza (I only sampled Round Table pizza) is about one child-size step above Pizza Hut, but everything else gets a FAIL.

On the other hand, your sushi is better (thank you, Tamaya) and your REAL Mexican food is better (shout out to Tres Hermanas on K Street). Hell, I can’t even find real Mexican food here.

Good thing I’m not a big lover of fast food, or I would be rethinking my decision to head west. I could definitely live on sushi and Mexican for a long, long time.

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