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places to go, people to see

Me, I’m seeing nothing but the couch today.

Bizarre Records: Just like the title says. I know the guy who runs this from Fark. It’s a cool site, he’s a cool guy and sometimes I’ll get weird blogging ideas from the album covers I see there.

The Barker’s Blog: Part of a project from Kevin Parrot and Rick Eller. It’s got weirdness and creepiness and all kinds of oddities. Like a sideshow freak show for the internet.

Retrocrush: I’m not the only one getting a jump start on Halloween. Rob has vintage Halloween cards, plus the 30 greatest ghosts.

100 Word Stories: Monday through Friday, new themes are posted and the authors at the site (of which I am one) try to come up with a 100 word story for the theme. Readers are invited to try their hand and post their story in the comments; reader stories are sometimes promoted to the front page.

Cultpunk: A good punk rock blog in its own, but go there for the clip of the punk rock episode of Quincy before you read the rest of the blog.

Hüsker Düdatabase: Simply because I’ve been obsessed with listening to Hüsker Dü the past few days.

Hockey, hockey, hockey: YES, it is hockey season! HockeyBuzz , A View From The Cheap Seats and my favorite hockey blog, Off Wing Opinion.

If you got a site you want to link, feel free to leave a comment doing so.

I have a date with some cold medicine and the remote.

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