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chocolate chili

First, let me say that Monday night, I made Stingray‘s Parmesan Crusted chicken and it was fabulous. Everyone loved it. In fact, the kids ate it again tonight.

Tonight, we made Stacy‘s Chocolate Chili. I added some Rooster Sauce, which I basically add to everything. Don’t be put off by the combination of chocolate and chili. The chocolate has amazing, subtle flavors that blend well with the spices. It’s more like a chili mole. This was definitely the best tasting chili I have ever made.

Both these recipes were easy, tasty and appreciated. I’ll be using more of your recipes in the future, and most likely asking you for more.

I’m about to go have seconds. If Todd didn’t eat the remainder already.

And yes, we need a new set of dishes.

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food flashback

I don’t know why this popped in my head this morning, but I had a flashback to these boil-in-a-bag dinners my mother used to make. Slices of meat product and gravy in a plastic pouch, that you dropped in a pot of boiling water to warm up. Talk about gourmet cooking skills. Boil bag, cut open, dump foodstuff on plate. Serve with some kind of canned vegetable. Or just drop it all on a piece of bread and call it a hot open sandwich.

I don’t know who made these meals (maybe Birds Eye?) and I can’t seem to find anything about them, but I know they existed. I’m pretty sure one was a salisbury steak. One might have been some kind of sliced beef.

My mother was apparently a lazy cook. It’s not like she worked all day. She stayed at home playing Yahtzee and Pinochle and smoking cigarettes with her other jobless friends. Come dinner time, she was stop shaking her dice long enough to throw a couple of plastic bags in a pot and call it a meal, then prepare for a hard night of drinking fancy-named cocktails at the bowling alley.

Maybe that’s just the way people cooked in the 70’s. In a time when people thought a hot dog/bacon/beans casserole was a perfectly healthy dinner, I suppose a little boiled meat was downright nutritious.

Like I said, no idea why that popped into my head. But I am swearing right now in front of all of you that I will never make anything that disgusting and/or lazy for dinner.

Hamburger Helper doesn’t count, right? That stuff is food of the gods.

my dinner with spidey

Even Spidey knows.

(please note: these are not the same boil in a bag dinners that hikers use these days, or MREs. These are not dehydrated meals meant for survival. They were pieces of meatstuff soaked in glutenous gravy)

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