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chocolate chili

First, let me say that Monday night, I made Stingray‘s Parmesan Crusted chicken and it was fabulous. Everyone loved it. In fact, the kids ate it again tonight.

Tonight, we made Stacy‘s Chocolate Chili. I added some Rooster Sauce, which I basically add to everything. Don’t be put off by the combination of chocolate and chili. The chocolate has amazing, subtle flavors that blend well with the spices. It’s more like a chili mole. This was definitely the best tasting chili I have ever made.

Both these recipes were easy, tasty and appreciated. I’ll be using more of your recipes in the future, and most likely asking you for more.

I’m about to go have seconds. If Todd didn’t eat the remainder already.

And yes, we need a new set of dishes.


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statues and serranos

kill em all

I did get out of the house today. We were driving through the park on our way to find a Latin-American type supermarket when we spotted this 25 foot sculpture in Field 6. After we got the makings for enchiladas, we drove back to the park with camera in tow and I took some pictures. I then went over to the park’s 9/11 memorial, took some shots there and got duly depressed all over again. All shots at flickr.

Todd’s making “authentic” enchiladas now. I love ethnic supermarkets. And I love a guy who can cook. Judging from the smell of the poblano and serrano chilies coming from the kitchen, this meal is going to cure my cold.

Update: Holy shit, these are good enchiladas. Wow.

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