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chocolate chili

First, let me say that Monday night, I made Stingray‘s Parmesan Crusted chicken and it was fabulous. Everyone loved it. In fact, the kids ate it again tonight.

Tonight, we made Stacy‘s Chocolate Chili. I added some Rooster Sauce, which I basically add to everything. Don’t be put off by the combination of chocolate and chili. The chocolate has amazing, subtle flavors that blend well with the spices. It’s more like a chili mole. This was definitely the best tasting chili I have ever made.

Both these recipes were easy, tasty and appreciated. I’ll be using more of your recipes in the future, and most likely asking you for more.

I’m about to go have seconds. If Todd didn’t eat the remainder already.

And yes, we need a new set of dishes.

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dinner blogging and a new recipe request


I decided that I’ll eventually make every chicken recipe offered up in this thread. I started at the top tonight, with Josh’s asian type chicken. I modified it just a bit, by making two separate sauces. The one with the Rooster Sauce will be served on the side for Todd and I, as I really don’t expect the kids will like how hot that came out.

We haven’t eaten yet, still waiting for Todd to get home, but I’ll update you as to the results. Because I know your entire day hinges on whether or not my family likes this chicken.

Now, for a new recipe begging.

We’re having a Halloween party at work. Everyone has to bring something in, and it needs to be Halloween themed. It can be either an appetizer type food or a dessert. So I’m looking for something that tastes good, is semi easy to make and fits in with the seasonal theme.

One woman is brining in something she calls Eye of Newt – bacon wrapped prunes.

Ummm……yea. Sounds great.

Please help me come up with something better than that.

Difficulty: I do NOT want to make Rice Krispie treats.

Update: Dinner was a success.

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