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poll: deep fried love

one froggy nightNext week, I will be attending the Sacramento State Fair. My sole purpose of going to this fair (ok, besides the opportunity to put my new wide angle lens to good use) is to experience the deep fried goodness of Chicken Charlie.

Now, I am not really big on fried foods, but the novelty of some of these treats makes me want to try them. My first experience with fair fried food was recently, when I tried these Oreos:

deep fried love, come on give me the grease (365-182)

Yes, they were good. But I could only eat one. At a time.

So what does the famous Chicken Charlie have on his plate this year?

Twinkies, Oreos, Pop Tarts, Spam, frog legs, cheese ravioli, avocado, onion strings, zucchini, artichokes and mushrooms. This year, the hot new items are deep-fried White Castle hamburgers and frog legs

I’ve had fried ravioli and oreos before, the vegetables are passe and I had frog legs last weekend. Oh, and I loathe Twinkies. UnAmerican, I know.

That leaves me with the choice of White Castle burgers, Spam or Pop Tarts. Deep fried, all of them.

There is a poll over on the sidebar. Vote for which one I should try, and I will eat, photograph and possibly regurgitate it.

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