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you're jealous again

Day 30 of Art Every Day

Title: You’re Jealous Again

Song: Black Flag, Jealous Again

Kitty is insanely jealous of the new pup. But she’s a cat. Soon enough she’ll ignore the dog and go back to being Queen of the House.

Today is the last day of Art Every Day.

I decided to carry on with this, because I love doing it. I’m going to change the name to A Year of Lyrics. Or something like that. 365 songs, 365 photos? Well, I have to think of a new title by tomorrow. Either way I am going push myself to carry this on for a year. I’m proud of myself for actually finishing out the month, now let’s see if I can pick it up for another 11.

Now I have to go play with the cat so she stops looking at me like I stabbed her in the back by playing with the dog.


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