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i’m hot, sticky sweet

“What we found was that when there was a large gap between felt and expressed emotion, music was liked less,” Dr Schubert said. “This is a new finding – no one’s ever actually used this scale before.”

They call it the Dag-o-Meter: “a discrepancy between the emotion expressed in a song and the emotion felt by the listener.”

My DAG-O-METER comes in at 100% on the following songs:

Christmas Shoes by some guy – that song is so skin-crawling I call it a “flesh eating song”. Lyrical manipulation at its most base level. Instead of making me want to give shoes to Jesus or adopt a homeless kid, it makes me want to punch a random person in the face. Twice.

Have You Forgotten by Darryl Worley – Dude. He rhymes “forgotten” with bin Laden. I am not an unpatriotic person. But I know jingoism when I smell it. And this song smells BAD.

Anything by Springsteen – I just cannot get behind his faux “working man” lyrics and his forced style of singing that sounds like he needs an economy size enema.

Having My Baby by Paul Anka. “Thanks for not having an abortion, honey!”

Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meatloaf – We don’t really need to discuss this again, do we?

Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer One pair of candy lips and your bubblegum tongue… What, are you sleeping with a ten year old?

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard – Sometimes you go years and years singing a favorite song, not even bothering to really listen to the lyrics or think about what you are singing. And one day, you will have a moment of clarity, maybe in your car in the 7-11 parking lot, singing out loud with the window open, when you’ll realize just how incredibly stupid a lyric “do you take sugar, one lump or two” is.

Note: this isn’t about bad lyrics, per se. It’s about the emotion the lyrics are supposed to convey and me just not getting it.

What about you? What songs make your Dag-o-Meter swing?

Update: Cullen calls BS on the study.

Uhh..yea. So do I. As I do with most studies. But they sure are fun to blog about.

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