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balls to the wall, man

Day 15 of Art Every Day.

Title: “Balls to the wall, man”

Song: Accept, Balls to the Wall

Shot at Fun Zone, Farmingdale, New York at my nephew’s birthday party.

Halfway through the Art Every Day thing and I’m still enjoying it enough where I think I’ll probably continue on with it after the month is over. Which means yes, I will get to the suggestions made previously, or take more if you got them.

I love arcades. I’ll be 90 years old and I’ll still get my jollies by sticking some coins in a machine. Not to sound all “get off my lawn” but I really do miss the old arcades. Everything now is all virtual cars, bikes, skateboards and guns, guns, guns. Don’t get me wrong, I’m into killing some zombies and bad guys, but I miss the old games. This arcade had a setup where you could play Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man or Arkanoid on this one machine, but it was….weird. I knew as soon as I put that token in and started playing Galaga, some little kid would say “Hey, check out that lady playing that old fashioned game!” Then he’d let out a Nelson “HA! HA!” and point his finger at me and all the kiddies would stand around me in a circle, marveling at the old lady and the old technology. Yea, well, I was playing video games back when your mom was still a virgin, you snot-nosed brat! You can take your fancy Ghost Recon shit and shove it up your ass, you little bastard. VECTOR GRAPHICS RULE YOUR FACE.

Uhh. Yea. I’m also the lady who quoted a 30 year old metal song in this photo.

Hell, it’s 8:00. Might as well go to bed and read my AARP newsletter.


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