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Day 97 of 365: a year in songs and photos
Song: Hanson Brothers, The Hockey Song

No, not those Hansons. This band – an alternate persona to the amazing NoMeansNo – is a fun punk band that sings songs about hockey. They’re Canadian, eh.

Tonight, my New York Islanders play Todd’s Anaheim Ducks. We’re going to the game. Me in my Islanders jersey and Todd in his Ducks jersey. This should be fun.

We decided to make a bet on the game. Whoever’s team loses has to do the 5am dog walk for the next week. Unfortunately, my team is in a bad slump. It does not look good for me or my beauty sleep (really, I get up at 5 anyhow. It’s just the point of having to walk the dog every cold morning for 7 days straight).

Oh, the good old hockey game
It’s the best game you can name
And the best game you can name
Is the good old hockey game

Amen to that. You can keep your football. There’s nothing like hockey. Sure, I prefer the 80’s style, no helmets, bench clearing brawl version of the NHL, but I still love the game more than any other sport.

Old time hockey!

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My tits should have won the Conn Smythe!

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Wearing of the Ducks

wearing of the ducks

I’m a New York Islander fan (sad as that may be these days). Todd, being from California and all, is a big Ducks fan.

Unfortunately, he has to work late tonight and won’t be home until the third period. Which leaves me to wear his lucky jersey.

I did the same Monday night and as soon as I put it on, they scored. Then Todd informed me that if I rubbed my tits vigorously, the hockey gods would be pleased. So I did. And the Ducks scored again.

Looks like I will be rubbing again tonight.

But not often. The hockey gods do not like greediness.

The Ducks can do their part for the war on terror by winning tonight and keeping the cup in America.


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