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300 bands, 300 songs (72-75)

I just might make my goal of 100 by the end of this weekend.

72. Soundgarden – Drawing Flies
Badmotorfinger is the last Soundgarden album in which Chris Cornell had balls. I’m not saying I don’t like their last two efforts, but something happened to Chris between this album and Superunknown. Maybe what happened was they left Sub Pop for a Major Label.

This song is full out intensity from start to finish, a perfect “god damn I am so pissed off right now” song that makes you take all the negative, pent up energy you have and force it out while pounding your fists on your steering wheel to lines like sitting here like uninvited company
/wallowing in my own obscenities/I share a cigarette with negativity. It’s one of those songs you don’t have to be angry to sing, you just live vicariously through it for the moment because the music demands it.

73. Cream – White Room
A lot of people dismiss the lyrics as nonsense, but if you look at them written it, the song is really pure poetry set to music. Reading them as a poem, not lyrics, lets you see them in a different light (at least this is what I told my 9th grade English teacher when I did a presentation on the song). Now, put that all to what is Clapton’s finest guitar work, add perfect drumming by Ginger Baker, a melodic reading of the lyrics by Bruce, punctuated with bursts of falsetto, and you have what may be the most perfect rock song ever.

74. Alice in Chains – Down in a Hole
The version from Unplugged. Never fails to blow me away. Such a depressing song, yet so pretty in a lot of ways. It brings back that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know everything is going to hell and you can’t stop it. And when you watch the video on this one, you look at the beginning of the end of Layne Staley and it makes it all that much sadder. Watching the video now, something I haven’t done in a while, it kind of hits home in a really uncomfortable way for me in regards to things that happened within my family in the past year. But I still listen to it. Great songs make you feel something when you listen to them. It’s not always something good.

75. Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant
The Sex Pistols were the original boy band. Manufactured for maximum attention whoring potential by Malcom McClaren, the band really had nothing to offer, talent wise. But they blew up and to this day people define punk rock by the Pistols. Which is really a shame. That’s not to say I don’t like a few of their songs, but let’s face it, they sucked. Pretty Vacant pretty much sums up what the Sex Pistols were all about.

That’s all I have time for this morning. I’m going to have to put together at least 15 tonight if I want to get to 100 this weekend. So before I leave for work I’ll do one of those “list your favorite songs” posts for bands I need to get to in the next two days.

Also, maybe tonight, I’ll make a list of suggested artists I haven’t gotten to yet, as well as a list of the songs I have done so far (just a plain list without the annotations).

Meanwhile, as always, more band/artist suggestions welcome.

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