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Just in case you were thinking about sending a limo to pick your child up from the last day of school, be aware that your school district may not like the idea.

Yes, that says limo.

I know, most sane people would never think of doing such a thing. But apparently, the parents of sixth grade snow flakes in Lake Grove, Illinois see nothing wrong with spending a stupid amount of money to prove that their children are more special than yours.

I might not have cared so much about this story save for this quote by the school superintendent:

“There are a few parents in our district that like to do things that we consider novel,” he said. “This is a community of parents who really value education and really value those kind of milestones.”

Horseshit. You show you value education with a ride in a limo? What he really means is these people value showing off their money and spoiling their children to the point where they think they are superior to everyone else. Seriously. A fucking limo? It’s sixth grade, people. What are you going to do for high school graduation, rent some people to carry him off on a golden throne?

These are the kind of people you see My Super Spoiled Sweet 16 That Daddy Took Out A Second Mortgage To Afford So I Wouldn’t Cry.

I hate you all.


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dear old dads

dear old dads

i might have posted this last year. i don’t remember if i was even blogging at this time last year, but i’m sure i put it somewhere. anyhow, happy father’s day to all you fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, stepfathers, waiting to be fathers, and anyone who is like a father to anyone else. i think i covered it all.

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seems like old times

I have spent two hours this morning going through all my old weblogs (I forgot I had that many variations of my blog) that I found on archive.org. I found pictures I forgot I took, poems I forgot I wrote, friends I forgot I had. I can’t believe how much I have written online since February of 2001. And how much blogging has changed. Not saying for better or worse, it has just changed.

I hate to sound like one of those “back in my day” type people but, well, back in my day…..and by that I mean before most people ever heard of the word “blog” and before every mainstream news site had its own blog and before 9/11, before political blogs became a force, before the world blogosphere was coined, there was this purity to it all. A genuine grassroots kind of feel that we had found a new way to get our voices heard, except our voices weren’t shouting to and over each other about differing political viewpoints. We were talking to each other about our lives. We were making friends and building communities.

Now that I look back on all this, I realized that I was in on the ground floor of a revolution in communication, which really led to a revolution in socialization. Which is kind of neat.

A lot of us saw the change happening in blogs right after 9/11. While that change brought a lot of good things for the blogging community, it also infused it with a sense of overwrought self importance that took some of the innocent joy out of blogging. There were plenty of people who never got into the political aspect of it, but those blogs became overshadowed by news and politics and war.

Anyhow, this is a lot of rambling which I think I will write at length about later in the week.

Right now I am reading over seven years worth of memories. Some good, some bad, some making me very wistful, some making me send out emails that I hope reach the people I haven’t talked to in years, and some making me wonder where the hell my mind was, and why no one, especially myself, could see how unhappy I was, even when I was writing that I was happy. But that’s another story for another time.

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things found through twitter

An interactive map of foods in season in your area
From alan

Interesting article about computers changing our brains
from templesmith

This made me laugh stupidly
from sweetshrubs

Of all the ridiculous social networking applications I’ve tried in the past year, I like twitter the best. I still have no freaking clue what to do with my facebook, and the only thing myspace is good for is finding local bands.

Now, I need new people to follow on twitter.
You can follow me here.

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What’s wrong with this picture?

The Grizzlies, along with J&J Snacks Foods Corporation and Frank’s Red Hot have put together “Baseball’s Best Soft Pretzel.” “Baseball’s Best Soft Pretzel” will consist of a J&J Snack Foods SUPERPRETZEL® that is marinated in Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce and served with mozzarella cheese melted over the top of it. The soft pretzel will come with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing and will cost $3.50.

It’s not the unhealthiness of it. After all, this is brought to you by the same people that brought you the Krispy Kreme hamburger.

See, the idea is quality but the execution is lacking.

First, you don’t mix buffalo sauce with mozzarella cheese. They just don’t go together. Mozzarella cheese is for pizza and some sandwiches and maybe a hamburger, once in a while. It is not for hot sauce. For this, you would need a Jack cheese, preferably a hot pepper jack cheese. Maybe even a sharp cheddar.

The pretzel is marinated in Red Hot sauce. Now, I like Red Hot for some things. It does make a good buffalo wing sauce. But if it’s spicy hot you are looking for, Red Hot is one of those sauces that never quite puts the bite into food. It has a small, dainty kick to it. And it tastes mostly like vinegar. It needs something else, like a healthy dose of Rooster Sauce mixed in.

Also, screw the ranch dressing. Ranch is for kids. Stick solely with the blue cheese, and chunky blue cheese, at that.

The main thing missing here is the deep fry action. Almost all the edible heart attacks at GSS ballpark have been of the deep fried or fatty, greasy variety. These pretzels are organic food in comparison. They need to be deep fried. Marinated in the Red Hot/Rooster Sauce combo, dunked in a vat of sugar infused dough, fried to a crisp and then covered in melted cheese. For good measure, there should be bacon in there somewhere, too. Now THAT is a buffalo pretzel or whatever you want to call it.

Just don’t offer me any. I’ll be happy to consult with you on how best to serve artery clogging snack food hybrids, but I’ll pass when it comes to actually eating them.


deep fried love, come on give me the grease (365-182)

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My latest article is up here. It’s about the NBA ref scandal and the Sacramento Kings and I quote Todd extensively in it 🙂

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lyric help?

So this guy at work has been desperately trying to remember a song. Somehow it has befallen on ME to find out what the heck he’s going on about so he can just shut up and stop tormenting us with the only lyric of the song he knows, which is somebody saying”
“This is your doctor speaking”
and that’s all he knows. he says it may be from the 80’s, but it’s most likely from the 90’s, and it could be a hip hop kind of thing in the style of KRS-One, but he’s not positive. I know it’s not a lot to go on, but I’m hoping someone will recognize it, as my reputation as the “finder of lost memories” here will be shot to hell.
I told them my people are on the case.

Update: FOUND IT! It’s Shabba Ranks feat. Maxi Priest – House Call


I will be a hero at work tomorrow.

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