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music meme

I got this from kali, who is sending me an awesome mix cd she made. In return, I need to complete the meme also and pick five people to send it to, who also should do the same on their blog. Thing is, I am so out of the blogging loop I’m not even sure if the people I picked know this blog still exists, so I’ll have to email them, I guess. Anyhow, the meme:
1. choose 19 of the songs you like best, regardless of artist or genre.
2. put them all together in a CD.
3. make 5 other copies.
4. post your playlist on your blog.
5. choose 5 people and send them a copy of your CD each. send the first copy you made to the one who tagged you.
Wouldn’t that be six copies then?
Anyhow, I don’t have 19 favorite songs. I have 10 million favorite songs. So here’s 19 that I’ve been listening to a lot lately.
1. Queens of the Stone Age, Broken Box
2. Nick Cave, Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
3. The Germs, Lexicon Devil
4. Rocket From The Crypt, Misbeaten
5. Clutch, Promoter
6. Pixies, Cactus
7. Queens of the Stone Age, Burn The Witch
8.Eagles of Death Metal, Cherry Cola
9. NoMeansNo, Real Love
10. Von Bondies, No Regrets
11. Neil Diamond, Cherry Cherry
12. Nirvana, Plateau
13. Hellacopters, Fire Fire Fire
14. Fu Manchu, No Dice
15. Queens of the Stone Age, I Never Came
16. MC5, Kick Out The Jams
17. Sleater Kinney, Light Rail Coyote
18. Brand New, Millstone
19. Nine Inch Nails, The Fragile
I am posting this by email, from work – I know that html doesn’t come through, so I’m just posting the URLs in hopes that they convert to links automatically and hoping this doesn’t need any editing at all, and if it does, screw it.
The five people who will get the CDs (and who I need addresses from) and are supposed to do this on their own blogs but are in no way obligated to do so.

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it’s a floor wax, it’s a dessert topping!

I'd love to spit some beechnut in that dude's eyes (365-206)

There comes a point where you cross the line from consumer whore to consumer weirdo. Todd crossed that line yesterday when he came home with this.

He finds the strangest things in the 7-11 by his office. Some of them (the sunkist cream soda) work out well, some of them, well…. I am starting to think Todd is going to end up in some backwoods town in the south, sitting on his rickety front porch with a shotgun in his hand and a spittoon by his side, daring anyone to step on his property. The guy bought a Pabst Blue Ribbon patch for his jacket. And he doesn’t drink.

And now he brings this stuff home.

SNUS? First of all, that is the stupidest name for a product I’ve ever heard. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. "Hey baby, want to share some SNUS with me?" It sounds like some kind of sexual position that would end up with 40 entries on urban dictionary.

Camel promotes this as "it’s not snuff, it’s not chewing tobacco!" or something like that.

So what is it? Basically it’s little teabags of nicotine that smell like gum. You put it in your mouth, get your nicotine fix and freshen your breath at the same time. If wanted to be teabagged, I’d….never mind.

Really. Just light a god damn cigarette and get it over with. Smoking looks a hell of a lot more dignified than walking around with a mini teabag stuck in front of your teeth and you talking like a teenager with a new retainer. Oh yea. Sexy stuff.

Says Todd: "But I’m not spitting! I’m swallowing!"

Yea. Pleasure For Wherever, indeed.

Well, the little metal container is neat. Makes a nifty little spittoon, too.

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pork and beans

I was kind of dreading the new Weezer, as I’ve been consistently disappointed by them since the Blue album, but I’m really digging the new song and I am in love with this video.

The video was produced by Mathew Cullen of Motion Theory (Mathew also directed videos for Beck, REM and Modest Mouse).

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a shot a day

Or 24.

All taken 5/25.

uploaded today

I don’t normally do this, but I don’t normally upload more than 20 pics in a day. And I’m sure my 365 photo got lost in the shuffle, as well as the plugging of my article. And damn, I bet at least two of these photos could have gone with a QOTSA song. Oh well. All in all, a pretty good day, photographically and otherwise.
1. memorial12, 2. memorial11, 3. memorial10, 4. memorial9, 5. memorial8, 6. memorial6, 7. memorial5, 8. memorial4, 9. memorial3, 10. memorial2, 11. memorial1, 12. and we would all go down together (365-203), 13. empty, 14. ardi gra!, 15. dream ride, 16. funnel cakes and doug!, 17. scary airbrush mural, 18. in which spider man listens to stabbing westward and thinks about the one that got away, 19. red white and blue, 20. listless lili take two, 21. listless lili (word of the day), 22. a challenge to you, 23. thanks for posing, 24. my 2nd article

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

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and we would all go down together (365-203)

more war memorial pictures here

Day 202 of 365: a year in songs and photos
Song: Billy Joel, Goodnight Saigon

I am awed by veterans of any war, but especially Vietnam veterans. Perhaps this is because the Vietnam war took up a good chunk of my childhood and I remember so much about it. Mostly, I remember how the veterans were treated when they got home. They fought an unpopular war and came home as unpopular vets. After all they went through, I think coming home to that must have been worse.

Whenever I visit the war memorials at Eisenhower Park, I linger longest at the POW/MIA sculpture, and I always think of this song.

I’m sure some people think it’s too sappy, too overwrought but, like the Vietnam War itself, it haunts me. I’ve seen Joel do this song live several times. From the helicopter sounds in the beginning to the chorus of "we will all go down together" – I don’t know how you can’t have tears in your eyes and a bit of pain in your heart when you hear that.

I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like being in the middle of a war, your life on the line every single moment. I have incredible respect for the people who put themselves there.

This one is for all the vets in all the wars, especially those who gave their lives for us.

When you’re barbecuing and partying this Memorial Day, as most of us do, please take a few moments to remember those who never came home.

Goodnight Saigon

We met as soul mates on Parris Island
We left as inmates from an asylum
And we were sharp, as sharp as knives
And we were so gung ho to lay down our lives

We came in spastic like tameless horses
We left in plastic as numbered corpses
And we learned fast to travel light
Our arms were heavy but our bellies were tight

We had no home front, we had no soft soap
They sent us Playboy, they gave us Bob Hope
We dug in deep and shot on sight
And prayed to Jesus Christ with all our might

We had no cameras to shoot the landscape
We passed the hash pipe and played our Doors tapes
And it was dark, so dark at night
And we held on to each other
Like brother to brother
We promised our mothers we’d write

And we would all go down together
We said we’d all go down together
Yes we would all go down together

Remember Charlie, remember Baker
They left their childhood on every acre
And who was wrong? And who was right?
It didn’t matter in the thick of the fight

We held the day in the palm of our hand
They ruled the night, and the night
Seemed to last as long as six weeks…

…On Parris Island
We held the coastline, they held the highlands
And they were sharp, as sharp as knives
They heard the hum of our motors
They counted the rotors
And waited for us to arrive

And we would all go down together
We said we’d all go down together
Yes we would all go down together

video here: youtube.com/watch?v=dvIE32rdvKU

(texture from ghostbones – I thought the "hellfire" texture was appropriate here)

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My second article is up at Pajamas Media.

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i am a writer!

My first paid story.

You can read the whole story here

Already working on my second. I am very excited to be an actual paid writer.

I am totally not used to writing straight news stories, I hope to get better at this as I go along. But for now, I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out.

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