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dear musician that i ripped off….

I found this great site called Dear Rockers. Basically, it’s a place where you can get rock and roll karma by sending five bucks to a musician whose music you may have procured illegally. You write a short letter and take a picture of/scan the letter to be put up on the site.

I like that a lot of people are sending their money to artists from their youth (Honeymoon Suite?? I haven’t thought of them in years!), back from the days when we made cassette copies of our friends’ albums.

I already know who I want to send five bucks to, and I’m going to use it as my ‘art every day’ thing so I won’t say so until tonight. Just know that it’s going to be five dollars stuck firmly between tongue and cheek.

I really never feel guilty about downloading songs because if I like an album, I buy it outright. Should I be having residual guilt over all those mix tapes I made as a teenager? Should I be feeling remorse about copying albums onto cassette tapes? Maybe I should send more than one person five dollars. Or maybe I should just save the five bucks for myself and buy some more blank CDs on which to put my recently downloaded songs.

Like Chamillionaire needs my money, anyhow.

This looks like a fairly new site, so I’m all for helping this guy achieve his dream of clearing his conscience through cash. Anyone you would send five dollars to?

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i got your christmas cheer right here

It’s that time of year. That wonderful time when radio stations, stores and even well-meaning family members bombard you with Christmas songs. It starts on Thanksgiving Day and goes until about 6pm Christmas evening when Uncle Harry, drunk on eggnog, finally has a music meltdown and throws the stereo into the fireplace. The ensuing explosion marks the blissful end of holiday sing a longs.

Ok, I like the traditional Christmas music. It gets me in the mood. But by the time it gets to be five or so days before Christmas, I get tired of it. I’ll take the Frosty and Santa’s Coming to Town and Up on the Rooftop and all those kid like goofy songs. But most of the tunes bring out the Scrooge in me. Felice Navidad makes me stabby. That Christmas Shoes song makes me want to choke someone with a pair of cowboy boots. Have you ever heard Barbra Streisand’s version of Jingle Bells? It’s enough to make you turn Jewish. And the constant playing of these songs everywhere you go is enough to make you hate the season.

Which is why, every year, I compile a list of non-traditional Christmas songs. Whenever someone attacks me with Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, I have a counter-attack ready. When someone in my office wants to “lighten up the mood” by playing The Chipmunk Song over and over again, I have something to make her wish she never heard of Alvin.

I have my AntiChristmas Mix CD almost ready to go. I’ll add some songs on if you come up with any more.

King Diamond – No Presents for Christmas
Spinal Tap – Christmas With the Devil
Vandals – Christmastime For My Penis
Pennywise – Christmas in Hell
Captain Sensible – One Christmas Catalogue
Fear – Fuck Christmas
Run DMC – Christmas in Hollis
Snoop Doggy Dogg – Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto
Zebrahead – I Hate Christmas
Wesley Willis – Merry Christmas
Wall Of Voodoo – Shouldn’t Have Given Him A Gun For Christmas
The Damned – There Ain’t No Sanity Claus
Pansy Division – Homo Christmas –
The Frogs – Here Comes Santa’s Pussy
Stiff Little Fingers – White Christmas
Hanoi Rocks Dead – By X-mas
Vandals – My First Xmas As A Woman (and you can really include the whole Vandals Oi to the World album here)
Blink 182 – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas
Eazy E – Merry Mothafuckin’ Xmas
Arrogant Worms – Santa’s Gonna Kick Your Ass
Ramones – Merry Christmas Baby (I Don’t Want to Fight)

And….Christmas in our house would not be complete with this special song, just for Todd:

A Patrick Swayze Christmas

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art every day – 11/26/107

my pain is self chosen

Day 26 of Art Every Day

Title: “my pain is self chosen”

Song: Mad Season, River of Deceit

Subject: Nephew, David (age 6 at the time photo was taken)

A far cry from what the song is really about but it does work here. He (my nephew) was creating quite a mood for himself in order to get people to notice that he was sad. Why was he sad? Because no one was following his intricate set of rules for a basketball game he made up. Six year olds are SO emo.

This is actually an old photo, taken back in August. I had no time to shoot anything today, nor any inclination/creative urge to do so once it hit 8:00. I decided to just rework some old photos and I liked the mood on this one enough to use it for tonight.

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waldbaum’s supermarket, massapequa, long island

I can’t even imagine the meeting that went on where this was dreamed up. Do people really drink this? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY??? Beer and Clamato? As if Clamato on it’s own wasn’t revolting enough, who in their right mind would mix it with beer? Who was the first person who said, ‘hey, you know what would taste really great? Clam juice and Bud!”

This has to be the lowest form of drinking, ever. Worse than Night Train and King Cobra combined. And that’s a whole lot of low.

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art every day – 11/25/107

work work work away the years of your life

Day 25 of Art Every Day

Title: “work work work, work away the years of your life”

Song: MDC, I Hate Work

Sneakers/inscription: Todd’s. Inscribed during a particularly frustrating day at work. I think he did the whole sneaker while he was on one maddening phone call.

I always find it interesting that he’s had two careers in his life; the first was as a bass player in various punk rock bands. After leaving that life and getting his degree, he embarked on a second career in the tech industry (spanning everything from tech support to software testing and beyond). They seem so disparate to me, yet when he talks about dealing with clients, I can see that the attitude he picked up in his punk rock days and everything he learned from living a "starving artist" life has helped him deal with people in a way I don’t have the patience to. It’s what makes him good at his job, frustrated as he may get.

We’ve all had days like this. Usually I take out my frustration by making paper voodoo dolls and stabbing them with paper clips.

work work work away the years of your life
work work work never see your wife
work work work sweat and tears
work work work lost my years

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art every day – 11/24/107

we all die, we all live on...in photos and paperbacks. and if we're lucky, we're coming back

Day 24 of Art Every Day

Title: “we all die, we all live on…in photos and paperbacks. and if we’re lucky, we’re coming back

Song: Far, Mother Mary

On September 11th, 2001, debris from collapsing World Trade Center knocked over a giant sycamore tree that had stood for nearly a century in the churchyard of St. Paul’s Chapel. Sculptor Steve Tobin used its roots as the base for bronze sculpture next to Trinity Church . (wikipedia)

I didn’t know what the sculpture was til I got home and looked it up. The funny thing is (well, not so funny) is that we ended up walking over to ground zero after the church. I hadn’t been there since 2002. I looked at the hole in the ground from across the street and decided to walk over to where the names are listed. I figured, six years have passed. I can look at all that without crying now. I went over, found Pete Ganci’s name and stared at it for a little bit. Then I was accosted by several people selling souvenir photo albums of the world trade center burning, crumbling and falling. I just looked at them…part of me was horrified, part of me was saying ‘did you expect anything different?’ I remembered coming there in 2002 and there were tons of people selling videos of the collapsing buildings, enlarged photos of people jumping, newspaper replicas and WTC ashtrays. Nothing has changed. People still want to make a buck off of tragedy. I don’t know what irks me more; the people selling the stuff or the tourists who buy it all up.

We walked away from the site and headed to Tribeca to get some lunch. I didn’t look back. I’ll probably never go back there until everything old is new again.

When I got home and looked up the origin of the sculpture, it was like a sign telling me to forget the profit makers. The idea of the tree getting new life as art made me smile.

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i want some milk, my coffee grows cold

Day 23 of Art Every Day

Title: “I want some milk, my coffee’s gone cold”

Song: Milk, Stormtroopers of Death (SOD)

No long story for tonight’s photo. Too tired.

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